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There was a a deputy of Imam AlMahdi pbuh whose name was “Muhammad son of Saleh AlHamadani AlDahaqan” he was a deputy of Imam Hasan AlAskari pbuh and Imam AlMahdi for AlNahya, look at how Imam AlMahdi pbuh described him.

Abdullah son of Jaafar AlHimyari he said: Reported from Muhammad son of Saleh AlHamadani he said: I wrote to Saheh AlZaman pbuh: My Ahlulbayt are bothering me and are beating me with the hadeeth that is reported from your fathers pbut that they said:”Our supports and servants are the most evil creation of Allah” So he pbuh said: Woe unto you didn’t you read the saying of the AlMighty and Exalted:”And we have made between them and between the villages that We blessed within, are villages which are apparent.” And we are by Allah the villages that Allah blessed within and you are the villages that are apparent.
Kamal AlDeen Wa Tamam AlNima p.483

Imam AlMahdi counted the questioner to be from the blessed apparent villages

Imam AlMahdi to Ishaaq son of Ismael he said:”If you reached Baghdad, read it to Dahaqan for he is our deputy and trustworthy one who receives from our followers”

وعدّه رجال الكشي: أن توقيع الإمام المهدي عليه السلام لإسحاق بن إسماعيل يدل على وكالته حيث ورد فيه: (فإذا وردت بغداد فاقرأه على الدهقان وكيلنا وثقتنا والذي يقبض من موالينا

Rijal AlKeshi p.485

Years later, Imam AlMahdi pbuh cursed him when he deviated from the straight path.

Imam pbuh said:”And you knew the matter of what happened to AlDahaqan upon him is the curse of Allah and his service and the length of his companionship so Allah changed his faith to disbelief when he did what he did so Allah hastened him with the calamity and he will not leave him and praise due to Allah no partner for him and prayers of Allah be upon Muhammad and the family Wasalem.”

Ikhtyar Ma’rifat AlRijal Sheikh AlToosi v.2 p.817


This statement from the Imam a.s. is another proof to the people that even if someone was close to the Imam one day it does NOT mean that they will always be upon guidance, rather, from the below statement it is clear that perhaps someday somebody was close to the Imam, but this person started deviating, until he completely deviated away and became a follower of Iblis!

Look at this quote from the Imam’s a.s statement: “There is no Yamani, except for the one who is to me like my right hand”

“So know, O People, that there is no Yamani except the one who to me is like my right hand, one who calls to my matter, one who guides to the path of Allah which I walk upon by the guidance of my father Imam Al-Mahdi Muhammad ibn Al-Hassan (pbuh). So if one day the one who was on my right side leans to the right or to the left, Bidaa’ shall take place upon him and he shall become lost and astray from the straight path of Allah, calling to the path of Hell, and Iblis (may Allah curse him) shall inspire to him, and so shall his accursed soldiers from among mankind and Jinn after he followed them, and said their saying, {I am better than him, You created me from fire while You created him from mud} And those who do wrong will come to know by what overturning they shall be overturned, and the good end is for the pious, and there is no power nor strength save by Allah, the High, the Mighty…” – Shawwal/5/1424 Hijra

Prophet Muhammad sawas described Abu Bakr is the Ears of the Prophet, Umar the Sight of the Prophet and Uthman is his heart
حدثنا أبو القاسم علي بن أحمد بن محمد بن عمران الدقاق رضي الله عنه قال:
حدثنا محمد بن أبي عبد الله الكوفي قال: حدثنا سهل بن زياد الآدمي عن
عبدالعظيم بن عبدالله الحسني قال : حدثني سيدي علي بن محمد بن علي الرضا عن
أبيه محمد بن علي عن أبيه الرضا عن آبائه عن الحسن بن علي عليهم قال: قال رسول
الله (ص) إن أبابكر مني بمنزلة السمع وإن عمر مني بمنزلة البصر وإن عثمان مني
بمنزلة الفؤاد. قال: فلما كان من الغد دخلت إليه وعنده أمير المؤمنين عليه
السلام وأبوبكر وعمر وعثمان فقلت له : يا أبت سمعتك تقول في أصحابك هؤلاء قولا
فما هو؟ فقال: نعم ثم أشار إليهم فقال هم السمع والبصر والفؤاد وسيسألون عن
وصيي هذا وأشار إلى علي بن أبي طالب عليه السلام ثم قال إن الله عز وجل يقول:
(إن السمع والبصر والفؤاد كل أولئك كان عنه مسؤلا) ثم قال عليه السلام وعزة
ربي أن جميع أمتي لموقوفون يوم القيامة ومسؤلون عن ولايته وذلك قول الله عز
وجل (وقفوهم انهم مسؤلون)

Abdul Azeem Hassani narrates from Ali ibn Muhammad ibn Ali al Ridha that he narrated from his father and grandfather that they narrated from Hassan ibn Ali that the prophet (sawas) said:“Abu Bakr’s rank to me is the rank of hearing, Umar’s rank to me is the rank of sight and Uthman’s rank to me is the rank of heart” In the next day I went to Allah’s apostle and Ali was with him along with Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman, then I asked him: O father I
heard you saying to these ones something what was it? He (the Prophet) replied: “yes”. Then he pointed to them and said “they are the rank of hearing, sight, and heart and they will be questioned about this Vicegerent of mine”. And he pointed to Ali. Then he said: “Allah Almighty said: {Surely the hearing and the sight and the heart, all of these, shall be questioned about that)” then he said: “By the glory of my Lord my whole nation will be questioned on the Day of Judgment about the Wilayah of (Ali), and that is why Allah Almighty said: (And stop them, for they shall be questioned)”.Alburhan 565, 4/564, and similar hadith was narrated in Uyun Al-Akhbar V.1 P.313 and Kitab Ma’ani Al-Akhbar P.110


Perhaps the Imam a.s. compliments or says something nice about someone like Mr. Shaheen to confuse the devil and send the devil to busy himself with him…. The following is quoted from the book, the Righteous Servant by Imam Ahmed Al Hassan a.s.

The work plan of the Family of Muhammad (a.s):

One day I asked the Righteous Servant (a.s) about informing [about the Dawa] in a certain place, and whether he meant specific people. so he (a.s) said: (Go forth to all people, for Allah has Wills and Bidaa’, we can not say everything nor clarify everything. Rather, sometimes directing must have Bidaa’ in it. We are fighting an enemy which sees you but you don’t see him, he sits with you and hears what you say. Because you do not seek refuge in Allah from him, so he knows from you what you do and where you are heading towards, so he hurries and goes before you to this person that you want to guide in order that he misguides him. He does not know the unseen, but he wants to know from us in order to work on delaying ” the known day” or even to satisfy his ego ([his I”]) by misguiding everyone that he could misguide)

And when he (a.s) was asked about an advice to lift this flaw from our work, and whether it should be by seeking refuge in Allah from him (The devil) or by concealing/ being secretive for example, so he (a.s) said:

(This does not belong to you, we do with our enemy what we see suitable, we make him think that we depend on this one and that that one will be guided, so he becomes busy with them, away from who we want. The matter is not only you and what you see, we are responsible for what you see and what you don’t see)
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