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Post by احمد احمد:

Indeed that which you were promised has arrived, O followers of the Samiri office.
In the book "Signs of The Companion" by Sayed Ahmed Al-Hassan a.s which has been hidden by the Samiri office [it says that] Imam Mahdi Mohamed ibn Al-Hassan (peace be upon him) is the seal of the Prophets and the Vicegerents, meaning that he is Prophet Mohamed (pbuhahp) in his return

Here are the words [in the book]:

"For today we all do not see a possiblity of reforming these corrupt conditions except through a major reformative revolution that carries the words of 'Allah is Great' and is lead by the seal of Prophets and Vicegerents Imam Al-Mahdi (pbuh) in order that he may take the people out of the darknesses and into the light. And he [is] the divine leader about whom the Prophets (pbut) gave glad tidings."

Note: There is so much in the book "Signs of The Companion" which exposes your fabrications and your lies, O followers of the Samiri office.

And by Allah, by Allah, by Allah, we the companions of the Black Banners of the East shall not leave anything for your falsehood, and we shall expose you in front of everyone."

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