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Here's a very important part from the Book of Monotheism about understanding God, written by Imam Ahmed Al Hassan pbuh:

"Allah is too great and too exalted for Godhood/Divinity and Lordship to be His Truth and
, rather, they are His (SWT) description/attributes, for He is Allah whom the creation
seek and turn to in order that He may complete them and in order that they may push away
the shortages/shortcomings from the pages of their existence. And He is the Lord from whom perfection flows upon His creation, and [He is whom] sustains their shortcomings.
But it is never that Divinity/Godhood or Lordship is His Truth and Reality, rather, He (SWT)
has manifested to His poor creation in the Absolute Perfection, so He became the Absolute
ilah [God, or one who is needed] - Allah SWT - whom they seek and turn to in order that He
may sustain their shortcomings
. And He has manifested to His poor creation in Lordship, so
He flooded upon their shortages/shortcomings with perfection, in order that they may know
Him and worship Him, for worship without knowing is meaningless and is empty from

And since the uttermost true knowing is: knowing that [you are] unable to know the truth, for
Allah (SWT) has manifested to His creation in Godhood/Divinity, which is the Absolute
Perfection facing their shortcomings, and which urges them to turn to Him and seek Him.
And consequently, obtaining knowing in this degree, which qualifies them to know that they
are unable to know, is in the degree of the Truth [to know they they can never know the
Godhood/Divinity is richness and perfection, opposing poverty, which pushes the poor ones
to turn to and seek Him in order that He may pour perfection upon them
; so they come to
know Him by Godhood/Divinity while they are seeking and turning to Him, and they come to
know Him by Lordship while He is flooding upon them perfection."
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