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So about two years ago I came across this video titled "The World's Most Mysterious Book", the title intrigued me to check it out, and it turns out that there is this manuscript called "The Voynich manuscript" that has been confusing experts for decades, if not centuries, since it came to light. The manuscript is named after Wilfrid Voynich, a book dealer who purchased it in 1912 but the manuscript itself dates back to the 15th century.
The manuscript contains illustrations and drawings of strange figures and sketched plants and text! But the problem is, no one can make sense of it, it is written in a language no one can understand, and no one knows who wrote it.
Though more and more theories arise about the origin and content of the manuscript, the most important questions surrounding it remain unanswered.
Experts from a range of fields have been competing to crack its code and decipher its language, but without success, to the extent that some even began to consider it a hoax.

"Many hands have held Voynich's now-eponymous book over the centuries: mathematicians, botanists, alchemists, cryptographers, clerics, university professors - yet none of them have managed convincingly to solve its mysteries." Thus it earned itself the title "World's most mysterious and esoteric codex".

Some believe that it is an invented script, probably by a small group trying to study and pass on knowledge, but this is just one of many theories.
Others suggest the secret unidentified language with its unknown alphabet originates from aliens.

Is it real or a hoax? What do you guys think? Who wrote it and what is it trying to tell us?
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