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By shane
Salam alaikum,

The forum and website look great! This is going to be a great place to learn more about the Black Banners and the teachings of Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan a.s..

May Allah accept all of your good deeds.
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By AnaXian
Awesome forum brothers and sisters! Loving the sleek design and the feels of it. May Allah shower His blessings.
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By JamesIslam
Thank you guys for setting all this up, very strange like a whole new era and we are blessed to be part of this, thank for the rebuttal on the document received from KL Office FBI followers that was speedy
By Norhan Alquersh
PastnPresent wrote:Peace be upon you (all),

How do we send a private question?

Assalamu alaykum waRahmtullah waBarakraktuh

InshaAllah you can send any private question to this e-mail:

InshAllah it will be translated and sent to the Imam (peace be upon him) in the same manner as general questions, and will be sent back to the person who asked the question as soon as it is answered.

Peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon you.
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By Noman
As Salaam Wa Alaikum all!
Mash-a-Allah! The website and forum look incredible! Thank you all for your hard work and efforts, may Allah reward you all.
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By Sara Ansari
:) Salaam alaikum to you all

The website looks fantastic mashallah, may Allah bless you all for your hard works and efforts inshallah :)
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By Amir
Peace be upon you all dear sisters and brothers,
At first I want to say many thanks to all of you for this great website and forum, may Allah bless you inshaallah.
Secondly, I have a question about private question ! Shall I write my question in English or my native language ( in my case Farsi ) ? ( I am not very good in English )

Again thanks a lot
Best regards
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