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By ZainubS
Asalaamaliakum Wr Wb
My Name Is Zainub Shah I Would Like To Share My Vision.
I Was Lying Down Awake After Isha Prayer And Only Thinking When Suddenly A Vision Came To Me About A Man Like A Superman Who Was Filling The Earths Core And Barrier With Iron And Lead And A Planet Coming Near Our Earth And When That Planet Comes Near Our Earth The Earth Quakes With High Intensity Due To The Fact That The Iron And Lead In The Earths Barrier Gives Negative Rays To That Planet And That Planet Goes Far Back Away From Earth!
Now When I Researched My Vision It Came Clear To Me That The Man Was Zulqurnain (A.S) And What He Was Filling The Earth Core With Was Iron And Lead Which Is Mentioned In Quran And That The Planet Was Of Yajooj And Majooj Coming Near And The Core Of Our Earth Would Push Their Planet Back Leaving Our Earth In Quakes.
It Was A Facinating Vision I Would Like To More About My Vision On How Right Or Wrong It Is Please
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