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By ImminentArrival
In the Name of Allah , The Abundantly Merciful, The Intensely Merciful.

May Allah send his prayers upon Muhammad and upon the Purified Family of Muhammad, The Imams and The Mahdis.

I (and i seek refuge from the I) would like to share a dream which i consider The sign from Allah swt that saved me.

A few years ago, Whilst i was living in Egypt, I got married and fell pregnant right away. In that time I was sick due to being pregnant and shamefully enough started doubting the Imam a.s. So my husband (Nima Firouzi) informed me that the Imam a.s. had said to fast 3 days and to ask for a sign if indeed in doubt, so that is what I did.

A few days later The month of Ramadhan had began. A week into Ramadhan I finally had my sign. All praises due to Allah swt.

Dream: I was walking down a street/hill in the UK that I must have walked down a 1000 times before. I was walking down the hill when i looked up and saw malik al mout. I was terrified! Everytime I put my head down I wished for him not to be there but he would still be there, proceeding me with every footsteps. I eventually reached the stairs which leads in to an aly way to enter the street where I lived. Malik al mout was standing at the top of the stairs as if he was waiting for me. I looked at the bottom of the stairs and saw Imam Ahmad al Hassan a.s. in prostration (subhanallah he a.s. is usually in prostration when I see him in dreams). Anyhow, although I didn't see myself walking down the stairs i was suddenly next to him a.s. We were seated next to each other at the bottom step. He asked me a question (Which I could never remember), I said no, so he looked up at malik al mout shaking his head and jesturing with his index finger back and forth as if to say not yet. I then asked him how I could get closer to Allah swt, he a.s. said, "Through the Ahlulbayt," and then I asked him to make dua for me so he put his hand on my head and recited a dua and also verses of the quran. After that I heard people coming so we exited the aly way where we were. He a.s. looked at me and pinched the white clothing that i was wearing and smiled, I thought that was slightly strange. I then sent my salaams to him and was just about to leave. He a.s. went into prostation as if it is/was a form of teleportation for him (subhanallah). I then glanced at the end of the ally way where me and The Imam a.s. were first seated and to my surprise i saw lady Fatima a.s. and Abu Tarab a.s, She was wearing purple; He was wearing a white turban and a yemeni garmet that wrapped around his waste.. she looked at me then ran up the stairs as if she was catching up with someone. (I had the impression she was very shy) I walked back into the aly way passed the Imam a.s whom was still in prostration and stood there to see if I could see her a.s. again; then looked behind me and still The Imam a.s. remained in prostration then when I turned back round he a.s. was there infront of me where Lady Fatima a.s. was standing. I looked back behind me (double turn) thinking how did he do that! Then I shouted "ya Imam Ahmad al Hassan, who are you with?" He a.s. said "I am with Prophet Mohammed sawas"... I couldn't breath from shock. I ran as fast as I could screaming "wait, please take me with you, please take me" several times before reaching him sawas. And there... was standing Prophet Mohammed sawas with the Ahlulbayt a.s. He looked very broad and had long black hair to his shoulders with beautiful big black beedy eyes and a dark olive skin tone. (subhanallah he was so beautiful to look at) I asked Prophet Mohammed sawas to take me with him, He sawas smiled at me and stretched his sawas hand out infront of me, I went to grab his hand nearly touching it when I suddenly woke up. End if dream.
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