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By jaffer
All praises due to Allah SWT
And may Allah SWT send peace and blessings on Muhammad and Al muhammad,Imams and the mahdis
Salam Alikum
There are two dreams which i saw before believing Black Banners Actually even before 23rd January

First dream was short one and i remember some parts of it and i saw Imam Hussein AS in it .Imam Hussein AS was young approx 14 years old me same age and one more brother whom i was not able to remember(.The dream was such that one brother with me went to Imam Hussein AS and had chat with him (as Imam AS was giving him some instructions)and there was a huge wall ahead of us across it was beautiful city.I could see them but couldn't hear cause of space.Then all of sudden after he chat with Imam AS that brother went and cross the wall And after that Imam Hussein AS was starring at me and he AS pointed with his fingers towards that brother whom had crossed the wall as if Imam AS wanted me to follow and help him.cant remember and the reason i didn't share it was that i couldn't understand it and didn't remember who that brother was.Until two days back that I (seek forgiveness from i) remembered that the other brother was Abdullah Hashim May Allah SWT protect him.May Allah SWT forgive me for any mistakes.

Second one is little long , I was in the holy Kaaba but when i reached the masjid al haram, the Kaaba (black stone was not there just there was marking on the ground(square drawn on ground but Kaaba missing).So i didn't had any option so i took tawaf from the marking having faith within me that even if the Kaaba is missing still i will circle the place where it was situated. After tawaf i head on with my brother tahir to next room while walking i took my cellphone out .As soon as i took it out there was announcement on speaker that please put your Samsung mobile back in your pocket (lol).Then we reached a room that had lot of people in it and i was in hurry to pray cause the weather was so beautiful outside and i was very hungry and my brother had already prayed and was waiting for me.When i noticed that people were separated in different groups and each group was praying in different direction and not even one was facing the kaaba(i mean the kaaba was missing but still there was marking on ground).So i didn't know which side to pray .after sometime i found a separate corner and it was a little covered so i placed the turba and started praying.As i started one guy wearing disdhasha like saudi wahabi type came to me and hit the turba with his foot and started shouting and cursing me like "you rafida"etc.I didn't break my prayer and that guy after shouting for a while went and then another man with the same features(dishsasha white etc) came and placed a turba for me while i was praying and tap me on back and whispered to me that"don't worry we are with you".Then after finishing prayer i came to know that kaaba has been found and it was in different place and there was a narrow track which was black in color with beautiful golden light(reminds me of the black banner which is raised by Imam with golden kind of writing), Didn't knew what that meant that time as the vision was before 23rd January. However i came to know that in order to enter this track and reach kaaba you need to have ticket.I didn't had it that time but later got one don't remember how.It was very long dream but i cant remember all and in one part i get a glass full of zamzam water and i drank it .I was so tasty and with all different kinds of perfumes with no words to describe it.Sorry i didn't share it cause i never understood it and was wandering since the what this dream meant until after black banners i got some understanding of it by Allah SWT will.

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