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By ansarofallah
Al-Salam 3laykum waRa7matullah waBarakatu,

Below are several dreams brother Abdullah1234 shared on hashemstudios-board.

"Assalaamu wa alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakaatuhu

Allahumma salli 'ala muhammad wa aali muhammad ala'immata walmahdyeen wa sallim tasleeman katheeraa

I had a vision around a year ago where i saw ansar in sweden in husainiya making dhikr , i only saw their faces, i did not know their names .
Because of the dhikr they were doing and the intensity Imam Ahmad came to them
There was a particular ansar who was making dhikr with the most intensity and there was a snake around his neck but he continued to make dhikr
Then Imam 'alaihi alsalaam came and he took the snake and he cut it into pieces

I remembered the face of this particular ansaar
Then the next day i was looking on youtube and i saw a video about ansar in sweden and i saw this particular ansaar and i recognised him by his face

The name of this ansaar is Ali AlGhurayfi

Second vision i saw a couple of months ago:

I was sitting in a garden and i looked up at the clear blue sky
I saw the face of one of the ansaar
His face filled the sky although it was see through to a certain extent
He was reading a nasheed about the imam
He was saying that whoever laughs and doubts the lineage of Imam Ahmad Allah will cut off his lineage
He was Abdal Aal Saleema

These visions were before the raayat al sood movement

Recently i prayed istikhaara for three nights and i asked Allah

In the vision:

I saw Dr. Tawfiq and i saw that he is a sorcerer and that he has jinns with him
Whenever he meets people of concern he lets few of the jinn stay with that person so that he will be informed of something before they do it
I saw that he ruins the lives of many people and he only asks for their money
He was sitting with a couple of blackened bones in a form of ceremonial magic and performing some incantaions using the names of angels in filthy practices to please the shaytaan
It was mentioned in the vision that his speech is different from his actions
He thinks that there is no scholar better than him
Also it was mentioned that he is not from ahl al tawheed

After that i tried to contemplate, i realised that the shaytaan knows everything about tawheed yet he in not from ahl altawheed
Even if you know all the principles of Aqeeda regarding the truth and reality of the dhaat perhaps you are still not from the ahl of it
For shaytaan knows everything about tawheed without distortion yet he is not from the ahl of it

The recent vision that i mentioned was seen over three nights
A new piece of information every night however i have put it all as one vision

May Allah protect us from worshiping the calf or the samiri in allowing someone to make halal what is haraam and thereby take them as lords other than Allah."

Link for original post made by brother Abdullah1234 can be found here: ... 16&t=10487

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