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By ossama
Sheikh Kashif Al Ghitaa and the killing of mirza Al Noori.

Abdul Haleem Al Ghizi narrates the following story.

‘’ This book is Al Abiqat Al Anbariya fi Al Tabaqat Al Jafariya, written by Shiekh Mohammed Hussein Kashif Al Ghitaa. The Sheikh writes in page 181, Door number 2 from the 2nd Level of Al Jafariyah sect. This sect belongs to Sheikh Jafar who is a student of Mahdi Bahr Al Uloom. Kashif Al Ghitaa begins by talking about Musa the son of Jafar Kashif Al Ghitaa.

‘’ The first of them is the red sulphur, the pure and purified, leader of the Jafari sect, and the President of the Islamic denomination, the greatest Imam, the unparalleled in his time, and unique one of his age… Musa son of Jafar’’. Then Kashif Al Ghitaa talks about Mirza Al Akhbary who is a great scholar, an encyclopaedia in his time, but what to do with the envy between scholars, and difference in opinions. Where will this envy take us too??
In page 185, the author says,

‘’ As to Musa son of Jafar, and Mohammed Al Mujahid i.e. Muhammed Al Tabatabaei, both of them were given the title of Muhajid due to their resistance to foreign forces in Iran. Both of them strived in setting up the reasons for killing their enemy ( Mirza Al Noori Al Akhbary head of the Al Jamal deen family currently living in Najaf and Basra). Al Tabatabaei’s marjiya was in Karbalaa whereas Musa son Jafar was Marji in Najaf. So Muhammed Al Tabatabaei wrote a letter to Musa.

The Letter said, ‘’ What is the opinion of the Hujja of Allah swt on his creation( TITLE ONLY GIVEN TO INFALLIBLE IMAMS), and his trustee on earth on a man ( Mirza Al Noori) who seeks to kill the righteous scholars, and turn off the light of Allah swt ? So Kashif Al Ghitaa signed below and said

‘’ It is obligatory upon each lover to strive and give his life and money for the sake of killing Al Noori. Otherwise no salat or fasting is accepted from him and let him take his seat in hellfire. ( MARJIS CONSPIRING WITH EACH OTHER TO KILL ANOTHER MARJI AND USING SAME JUSTIFICATION AND ENDING OF THOSE WHO DO NOT DO TAQLEED!!!!).
So Sayed Mohammed in Karbala, signed the verdict of Musa and approved it. So he sent it to Abdullah Shubar another famous scholar who also approved of the verdict of killing al Noori. So when the verdict of Musa was approved by most scholars, it was spread to the general audience of the Shia. Abdullah Shubar would spread it and tell the people that the verdict of Musa must be approved by everyone in the circle of creation ( EVEN IMAM MAHDI A.S. AND THE ANGELS). And Sayed Abdullah Shubar had the same position of the Imam a.s. in Kazmiya.

So they planned to attack the house of the Akhbari at night and relieve the people from him. So 3 people gathered together who were known by their sturdiness and surrounded his house at midnight because they initially came to the door but could not find it due to the (SORCERY!) used by Al Noori to blind them. ( WATCH THE HOLLYWOOD STORY WRITTEN BY A SO CALLED MARJI/ CLERIC). So they finally entered the house and found devils and snakes ready to swallow them.

So they stopped for a little while then attacked again but this time found a (LION!! ) at the door ready to hunt them. So they kept on attacking and retreating due to the sorcery and devilry that they were encountering. So they climbed to the roof, and drilled inside it to find the room where Al Noori was resting in. ( JUST LIKE THE WAHABIS WHO KILLED SHIHATA). When they did so, fires were released this time ( DESOLATION OF SMAUG).

So one of the 3 said, ‘’ I have heard from Sheikh Musa son Jafar saying that he gurantess heaven for anyone who kills Mirza Al Noori Al Akhbary. And Sayed Shubar was present and he approved of what he said and believed it. And verily I am one with many sins and I have decided to face this fire to earn gardens whereby rivers flow under. So if it burns me then escape and save yourselves and do not make your children orphans. However if it turns out to be mere sorcery, then enter upon me and share with me the victory’’.
So he entered into the fire and it was said O fire be cool and a means of safety. So they entered upon Al Akhbari the malicious and found him surrounding himself with incense. So he said to them ‘’ Leave me alone and I will grant you 20,000 pieces of gold. They refused, so he kept on trying to persuade them but they were persistent. Until he said to them ‘’ look at the room, so they looked and found its walls shinning with gold. ( LIE OFF COURSE SICK LIE).

He told them have it all and I assure you I will not return to your country ever again. They responded saying ‘’ Far is it what you seek, verily your lies will not save you. As to us for verily the heavens have been guaranteed to us. Truth has come to pass….. (Mentioning of Quranic verses).

This was on a Sunday , the year 1233 A.H. and he was buried in the graves of Quraish.
No comment on this story. The writer does not mention how he was killed, but he was killed in a viscous way as well as members of his family and a student of his.
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