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Dr. Abdul Razak Al Derawi may Allah swt bless him writes,

There is no Dawa that is free from the appearance of hypocrites whom spread lies, and rumours, and bring about fuddle and confusion and doubts in the minds of its members, seeking to undermine it and wreck it from the inside. In terms of religious calls, hypocrisy was one of the most dangerous and important goals that the enemies of the call plan to plant, prolong its rot, and putting down plans and strategies for its movement within the believers, whereby it crawls between them like the crawling of black ants on a rock in a DARK night!.

And it seems that the satanic path of hypocrisy that those who plot against the dawa always seek is resembled in taking advantage of the result in which they strived to achieve previously, which is finding a gap between the Companion of the call and the believers. This is done so by keeping him at distance from his Ansars and exiling him.

After that they would focus on targeting the connecting link between the leader of the call a.s. and the believers. And the targeting of these links ( such as Sayyed Hassan Al Hamami) takes the form of devaluing them and causing doubts in the hearts of believers concerning their status as links between the believers and the Companion of the call. And the matter may develop by putting forward individuals that may be more suitable representatives and links between the leader and his ansar.

Despite the clear disintegration in the excuses and proofs that hypocrisy employs to achieve its goals- taking into consideration that the believers are conscious of the leader’s wisdom and that the wise leader does not leave his ship without a captain that HE appoints and is announced to the believers in various ways- yet negligence and carelessness may affect some believers, and the plots of Ibless l.a. may deceive them just like it deceived our father Adam a.s. when ibless l.a. claimed that he is to Adam an adviser.

The truth is that he who observes the proof of the Wahabis and their likes from the enemies of the divine call, can see that they rely mostly and primarily upon initiating whispers, and doubts in the souls of the believers taking advantage of the leader’s absence. And this satanic path is apparent in all the divine calls because it is a part of the test and sifting that the believers must go through. ... =1&theater
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