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By ossama
From India to Najaf, Al Iraq times

Secrets and truths about Sistani

Imam Ahmed Al Hassan pbuh has proved that he is from the lineage of Imam Al Hussain a.s. Mainly through 2 methods, One his lieage and family tree that was attested to by his uncle Salih proves he if from an Arab clan that goes back to Imam Al Mahdi PBUH. Two, he claimed the will, which makes him the rightful owner to it, and that he is the son of the 12th Imam a.s.

Please refer to the Savior of mankind website for further details about the Imam's lineage.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I ( seek refuge from the I ) present to you the family tree and lineage of Grand Ayatullah Sayyed Ali Sistani and will leave it you as to whether you EVER call him Sayyed again after you read this excellent research made by a man who i pray for to become one who embarks the boat of the comforter as. And All praise is due to Allah swt

Sheikh and Allama Abbas Al Zaydi writes

Without any exaggerations, aren't we attentive to the fact that youtube refused to remove the abusive film from its site, ( that which is created by zionists to defame the prophet saww)?, despite the objections and threats here and their with a military response or boycotting products like those of Denmark. Youtube administration rejected the Muslim demand by coining the '' freedom of speech'' terminology.

At the same time, important revelations were revealed from ex American Defense minister, Donald Ramsfield l.a. who stated that Sistani received 200 US Dollars from the US to support his Marjiya ( authority as leading cleric)

Proof ( viewtopic.php?f=140&t=4363)

. However after the news caused public outrage and the objection of Sistani's office WHICH DID NOT DENY THE ALLEGATIONS, the office feared for the old man's reputation and so Google immediately removed the news within 48 hours due to pressure from the US administration.

So what power does this man have, whereby the world is silent and does nothing when Islam and its Prophet SAWW is attacked, but when it touches the greatness of Sistani, then the pillars of the world shake. And we heard that the man was nominated for a Nobel prize ( yes the same prize that Obama may Allah curse him won indeed we know who nominates and votes) and that was rumored via certain TV channels only for the news which were broadcast-ed in many news were denied after sistani and co ( maybe basheer and al hakim and the whole crew) and the news were then deemed as lies. (SubhanAllah )

So who is this man who reached his mid 90s, a man whom EVEN SADDAM L.A. DID NOT DARE TO CROSS OVER DESPITE HIS TYRANNY?!

We first begin with his lineage which goes back to Aba Abdullah a.s. according to his family tree. HOWEVER AFTER LITTLE INSPECTION, IT WAS CLEAR THAT THIS LINEAGE IS A FRAUD JUST LIKE SADDAMS LINEAGE L.A. ( similar characteristics between him and saddam ummm interesting)

And here is the lineage that was mentioned ,

(Ali son of mohammed baqir son of ali son of mohammed riza ( from the progeny of the inspector and philosopher al sayyed), mohammed baqir al damadad) son of mohammed son of mohmoud son of abdul kareem the 2nd son of Abdullah khan son of abdul kareem the first son of mohammed khan son of murtada son of ali khan son of ali kammal al deen sadiq son of meer barzak quwam al deen son of kammal al deen sadiq son of abi mohammed abdullah son of abi abdullah mohammed son of abi mohammed abdullah al naqeeb son of abi hashim son of ali son of hussein son of ali son of abdullah son of mohammed al salik son of al hassan son of al hussain al asghar son of imam ali son of ali hussain a.s. )

And they mentioned about the biography and the lineage of Sistani the following

'' And the family of our Sayyed which is a Alawawi Hussayni family, used to live in Asfahan Iran in the 11th Century AH. And from its most famous figures a that time was philosopher Mohammed Baqir Al Damadad who wrote the book ( Al Qabasat) and from his grandsons is the big Allama Sayyed Mohammed who was appointed as Sheikh of Islam in the town of (SISTAN) in the time of the Sultan Hussain Al Safawi so he moved there and lived in it him and his progeny. (FOCUS O READER ON THESE DETAILS TO KNOW WHO THAT MAN FROM SIJISTAN IS WHOM AL MOHAMMED A.S. SPOKE ABOUT)

And the first one from that progeny to migrate to Mashhad (Khorasan) is Sayyed Ali who is the grandfather, whereby he stayed there for a period of time is the school of Mulla Mohamed Baqir Al Sibziwary and then he moved to Najaf to continue his studies and then to Samarra for the same reason. REFER TO THE OFFCIAL SITE OF SISTANI AND AL GHIZI INSTITUTION FOR ISLAMIC KNOWLEDGE LEADER SCHOLARS SAYYED ALI AL HUSAYNI AL SISTANI AL ZAYTOON PUBLISHERS 1431 AH 2010 AD.

Ali Al Korani mentioned ,


'' Al Sistani who are in Najaf, produced the Grand Shia cleric which is Sayyed Ali Husayni Sistani, and their lineage goes back to Imam Al Hussain PBUH. And they migrated according to their documents, to Asfahan and their link to Sistan came when their grandfather Mohammed was appointed Sheikh ul Islam in the time of the Safawi Sultan Hussain. Then his family resided in Mashhad. Al Sistani was born in Mashahd 1930. And he was named after his grandfather Sayyed Ali Hussayni Sistani who was a cleric and a graduate from Najaf.

And he is the son of Mohammed Baqir Son of Sayyed Ali Al Hussayni Al Sistani Al Najafi, according to the official records, the historian Agha Barzak praised this family in his book titled Tabakat Alam Al Shia. ( Now things the righteous servant fought in the early days)

Sayyed Sistani studied in Mashhad the following,

Grammar ( Sistani and Arabic ???), eloquence, Bayan. Then he studied jurisprudence on the hands of Allam Hasim Al Qizwini. And divine knowings on the hands of Mirza Mahdi Asfahani. He was awarded with awards from his teachers. The he migrated to Qum and studied with Sayyed Kohkarmi and Sayyed Hussain brojardi. He then migrated to Najaf when he was 22 years old. He was taught by Mushin Al Hakim and Sayyed Abu Al Qaim Al Khoei r.a. and Sayyed Shahroodi. He was awarded certificates in the degree of Ijtihad , hadith and narrations. He became independent in teaching jurisprudence, Usool, hadith, and ilm al rijal. Many teachers and researchers graduated because of him.

And Sayyed Sistani is special in his great ability in jurisprudence and in the way he presents a matter of ijtihad. He does so in the spirit of an explicit and unmistakable researcher and mujtahid. He has continued to go deep during 5 decades. He studied law as it is related to jurisprudence ( yes true like giving fatwas based on your faulty mind) and he went deep INTO ARABIAN LITERATURE (!!!! YES HE IS MORE ELOQUENT THAN ALL ARAB POETS IN THE LAST CENTURY) . And he became the cleric after the death of khoei in 1992

( Here is a link of the books Sistani wrote, you will be stunned from the incredible greatness of these books Allahu Akbar, )

Iraq the country of Ibrahim and Al Ibrahim 2, p. 90-91.

Siekh Zaydi continues

And numerous sources tell us about Ali Sistani the grandfather. For example

Ali son of Mohammed son of Rida Al Husayni, Sistani then Al Mashhadi Al Khorasani ( 1340... AH) A twelver cleric who lived in Iraq and was taught by Ali son of Fathallah Al Nahawandi. And in Samara by Sayyed Mohammed Hasan Al Shirazi then he returned to Iran and settled in Mashhad. He received a high status in it, and became a cleric and marji for the legal matters. And he was a courageous and clever speaker in criticizing the laws were implemented in his country which went against Quran and Sunna. He has a footnote for the makasib for Al Ansari- Agha Barzak Tabakat Alalm Al Shia p. 16.

And we realize that Sheikh Agha Bazrak Al Asfahani did not glorify the lineage of Sistani the grandfather, and he did not mention ANY LINK BETWEEN ALI SISTANI THE GRADNFATHER AND Sayyed Mohammed Baqir Al Damadad, when he usually refers to the lineage in his encyclopedia.

We see the greatness and importance of this lineage. However after a simple check we conclude that his lineage is concocted and false. One of Sistani's ancestors is supposed to be ( Qawam al Deen Meer Bazrak Al Marashi as mentioned earlier). From Al Marashi's lineage is the most famous man who recorded lineages espeically Alwaite Lineage, The famous cleric Sayyed Shihab Al Deen Al Marashi Al Najafi who died in Qum. And we know that Al Marashi cared a lot about the Alwai lineage and other lineages.

And he published many books in this knowledge and did not leave any piece of detail but that he pointed towards. He was relied upon as an inspector in lineages to investigate, inspect and nullify any lineage. And he released more than 1 book about the Alawi lineages, and from it the lineage of his grandfather Mirza Bazrak Marashi who was mentioned in the lineage of Sistani as mentioned earlier. BUT HE DID NOT MENTION TO US ANYTHING ABOUT ALI SISTANI OR ANY OF HIS FATHERS DESPITE TAKING INTO ACCOUNT THAT HE (LIVED) IN THE TIME OF SISTANI. And according to Sistani he belongs to the same lineage!!.

Refer to Sharh Ahqaq Al Haq Sayyed Marashi Najafi volume 1.

As well as that he was interested in the lineage of Sayyed Mohammed Baqir Al Damadad who is one of the great shia scholars in the 11th century AH. And he mentioned the names of Al Damadad sons but he did not indicate anywhere in that lineage something called sistani. But despite that maybe Al Marashi forgot to mention Sistani.

After research i found something strange in the lineage of sistani, where it says from the progeny of the inspector and philosopher al sayyed, mohammed baqir al damadad as mentioned earlier.

Does he mean that Sayyed Mohammed Rida is the direct son of Al Damadad or he he comes within the chain of his grandsons?? And if its the latter, then who is the direct son of Damadad in the chain of Sistani. I searched into this and did not find a son for Damad with this name. I found the following

Sayyed Mohammed is older than Mir Mohammed Baqir Al Damad. His grave is in Hayderbad. And he was considered to be from the scholars of the sultans in Hayderabad. The date of his death is not known. ) Ayan Al Shia volume 9 p. 125.

He also has another son who is Sadra son of mir Mohamed Baqir Al Damadi Al Husayni.) - Al Thareea Agha Barzak Al Tahrani volume 16 p. 267.

And Omar Kahala mentioned in the encyclopedia of the authors volume 11 p. 196- Mohammed Al Hussayni 1041 AH - 1631 AD, Mohammed son of Mohammed Baqir AL DAMAD AL HUSAYNI. A wise Sufi from his noticeable work is - The straight path in wisdom).

Sayyed Ghiyath Al Deen son of Mirza Al Sadra son of Mir Mohammed Baqir Al Damad Al Husayni...... and he said :- he was the gatherer of the logical and narrated and he was the son in law of inspector Agha Jamal Al Khawansari and his student. He died in the fitna of the Afghanis in Asfahan). Agha Barzak Al Thareea volume 9 section 1. p. 308.

And this is Sayyed Mohammed grandson of Al Damad who lived in asfahan in the time of Hussain al safawi the sultan. And Agha Barzak did not point out that this Mohammed became Sheikh Al Islam in Sistan, or that he is the great grandfather of Ali Sistani. And if we go back to what Korani mentioned above

'' and their link to Sistan came when their grandfather Mohammed was appointed Sheikh ul Islam in the time of the Safawi Sultan Hussain. Then his family resided in Mashhad. Al Sistani was born in Mashahd 1930. And he was named after his grandfather Sayyed Ali Hussayni Sistani who was a cleric and a graduate from Najaf.'' ( No comment)

And Agha Barzak mentioned the following

'' And i saw the family tree of some of the grandsons of Mir Damad which was signed by Shah Suliman at that time ( 1077-1105 AH) with his writing and stamp. And the family tree was like this

'' Al Mir Mohammed Ali son of Al Meer Qiyas son of Al Mir Mustafa son of the 3rd teacher Mir Mohammed Baqir Al Madad). Tabaqat Alaam Al Shia volume 8 p. 70.

And if Agha Barzak found in this family tree any of Sistani's fathers he would have indicated to that without a doubt, as he did not link Ali Sistani the grandfather to Sayyed Mir Mohammed Baqir damad in anyway.

Another thing caught my attention is that there is a difference of 308 years between the death of Damad and the birth of Ali Sistani. Sayyed damad died in the year 1041 AH as Agha Barzak mentioned in Al Thareea volume 8 p. 229. Whereas Sistani was born on the 9th of the month of Rabee Al Awal 1349 AH and according to the knowledge of lineages, there must be for every 100 years 4 fathers with an average of 25 years for one genration.

Therefore for us to connect the lineage of Sistani to Al Damad we need 12 fathers, and in special cases, it is possible that one of the fathers is older than his son by 35 years. And we try to be easy and give all of Sistani's fathers this avergae. So we need at least 9 fathers for us to connect Ali Sistani to Damad. But in reality, they did not mention to him but 3 fathers!!!!. only of each of them lived for more than 100 years which is nonsense.

Ali Sistani the grandfather died in 1340 AH- Agha Barzak- Tabakat Alam Al Shia p. 16.

So there will be between him and the death of Damad 271 years which is the sum of Ali Sistani's ( the grandfather) and his father mohammed Riza since the death of damad. And it is definite that this Mohammed Riza lived in the life of Al Damad lets say 20 years. So the sum will be 291 years. We will end up with both Mohammed riza and his son Ali Sistani ( the grandfather) living for 145 years which is not possible.

And in another way, let us assume that Mohammed Rida was born in the last year of Al Damad i.e. 1041 AH and after 50 years his son Ali Sistani ( the grandfather) was born in 1091. And after 50 years Mohammed Al Baqir 1141 AH, and we know the year Ali Sistani was born in i.e. 1349 which is after 208 years from the birth of his father, and such ages are non existent after the time of Noah a.s.

This is off course if we take into consideration that Mohammed Riza, the one ho is mentioned is one of the direct sons of Damad. But if he wasn't from Al Damad's direct sons then who is he??

The important thing is that if we consider that every 50 years, one of the fathers of sistani is born, we will need 7 fathers until we reach sistani. And so e would have missed 4 fathers from this chain and for the ONE WHO INVENTED SISTANI'S LINEAGE, HE HAS TO JUSTIFY THIS AND TELL US WHO THE MISSING 4 ARE!!!!

See the details of the family tree of Sayyed Al Damad by Hussain Abu Saeeda Al Mishajar Al Wafi volume 6 p. 255.

However Sayyed Hussain Abu Saeeda did not refer to any lineage from Sayyed Al Damad, stopping in the chain on him which is different to other encyclopedias of family trees and lineages. And Saeeda clarified in detail the lineage of all f those he mentioned in his book and al Damad is not a HASHEMITE so that Saeeda can ingore his sons only if there is something in Saeeda soul agaisnt him.

And we have to mention that Sayyed Saeeda mentioned the CUT lineage of Sistani in previous editions of the same book. - Al Mushajar Al Wafi fi al silsila al alawiya vol. 3 p. 121-122. Al Jahith printing- Baghdad.


And I think that Saeeda did not mention this story due to the great embarrassment it caused him.

And in the mid 90s, when Saeeda published the lineage, Sayyed Radi Al Marashi objected severely as according to the lineage, Radi Al Marashi was one of those who were related to Sistani. And his objection was TO THE FRAUD THAT TOOK PLACE IN THE LINEAGE OF SAYYED AL DAMAD R.A. AND THE CREATION OF A SON FOR AL DAMAD WHO NEVER EXISTED!!!!!. who is Mohammed Rida mentioned in the lineage.

And this fraud is not limited to Sistani only, but MOST OF THOSE COMING FROM IRAN, AFGHANISTAN AND PAKISTAN CALIM TO BE SAYYEDS without any verification due to the fact that in the shia society, arabs and Sayyeds are put ahead in front of the rest.( and not ony in sunni societies as some may think).

And these non-Arabs know the useful effect of the lineage when a claimant seeks to lead a society and rip it off. And those who reject this fact have nothing but the sword to defend their masters. ... D9%8A.html
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