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People will belie the twelve before the rise of the Qaim pbuh

One of the proofs for the 12 is the following hadith:

Abu Abdullah (as) said: The Qa’im shall not rise, until twelve men come forth and say that all of them have seen The Qa’im, but people will belie them. – Al-Ghayba by Al-No’mani p285 – p29, 30

Also Alaa Al-Salem mentioned this very hadith in the footnote of the Imam’s book:

 “The Righteous Servant” edition published on saying “There is another proof that before the rise of Imam Mahdi (as) there will be people, who see him and they will be belied by the people…”

(Abdel Aal Salema using this narration).

Some white banner Ansar tried to disprove the correctness of this version of the hadith and showed, that in a very early or the first edition of the book “Al-Ghayba” by Al-No’mani the hadith has the wording “The Qa’im will not rise until 12 men say that they have seen him, so he (meaning the Qa’im) will belie them“, in an attempt to prove that the 12 men are liars.

To that the response is: 

Firstly: What matters now is, that we allegedly have two versions of the hadith,

A version that says that the Mahdi will belie the 12 men; A second version that says that the people will belie the 12 men.

The Office decided that the first version is the correct one. Why can’t the second version be the correct one? How can one decide which one is true? Alaa Salem quoted the version the Black Banner believes in in the Imam’s (as) book "With The Righteous Servant" in the footnotes of pages 29 and 30. So since it is mentioned in the book of the Imam (pbuh), then it is decided which version is true. Don’t the white banner supporters believe that Alaa Salem does not publish things in the Imam’s books without the Imam’s approval? Otherwise they’d be admitting that the Office publishes wrong things in the Imam’s books. So either they believe Alaa Salem does not write in the books of the Imam, except what the Imam (pbuh) approves of, or they believe, that he could make mistakes in the Imam’s books and this way they would come close to what the Black Banner supporters are saying, which is, that they belie upon the Imam (pbuh). Also if we assume that Alaa Salem made a mistake, and copied the wrong version of the hadith, then isn’t the Imam infallible and knows that potentially this “wrong” version could lead people astray in the future? So why didn’t he contact Alaa Salem and tell him “Alaa you quoted a dangerous version, please remove it from my book and quote the correct version because I am an Imam, and know that this version could lead people astray in the future." Doesn’t Alaa Salem claim that the Imam (as) is overseeing all his books, and that he (as) is in constant contact with him? So obviously the white banner supporters are trapped between two choices:

Either they say, that the version Alaa Salem quoted in the book of the Imam is true (which is the version which says The Qa’im will not rise until 12 men claim that they have seen him so people will belie them). Or they say, that the version Alaa Salem quoted is wrong, and by this you would be admitting that it is possible, that he does dangerous mistakes in the books of the Imam and that he does not have contact with the Imam and that the Imam he is following is not knowledgeable! And far away from that is Ahmed Al-Hassan (as) the true Imam!
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