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Tawfik Masrour admits he writes letters of the Imam a.s!

PostPosted:Wed Jun 22, 2016 6:39 pm
by ImminentArrival
As clear from the conversation (check pictures), Tawfik admits that he is the one who wrote “engineer” about Showky, and when Abdullah asked him “so does this mean that you write in the name of the Imam a.s.” he said no and he claimed that he only writes “intros” or “the beginning parts” for the Imam a.s (as if this is ok!).

However, as clear from the letter in the pictures (which is supposed to be from the Imam), the part where he mentioned “engineer showky” is at the end of the letter not even in the beginning or an intro or any of the excuses he gave.

More to come inshaAllah to expose all you hypocrites who usurped the right of Muhammad sawas and his Family a.s.