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1) Dr. Ali demolishes the book the Raj’a of the Facebook Calf

2) Dr. Ali on the miracle of the Minbar of Egypt

3) Dr. Ali responds to the “copy-paste” accusation.

4) Alaa alSalem and the Najaf office beg the Iraqi government to work together

5) Dr. Ali vs The Raelian case and the false accusation of Tawfik Masrour

6) Dr. Ali responds to Tawfik Masrour’s research request

7) Dr. Ali debates Muhammad Atteya

8) Facts about the Minbar of Egypt (its translation is done and it is to be uploaded soon inshaAllah)

9) Dr. Ali debates Alaa al-Salem

10) Dr. Ali pledges allegiance

11) Contradictions and a Proof

Selamu alejkum, ich hab ne Frage. In meinen Träume[…]

N- Nostradamus.

Salam, Lecture révélatrice des Livres. N-11.[…]