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By dawnoftheage
The Da`wah of Imam Ahmad Al Hasan (pbuh), Black Banners of the East. has given so much proofs to the people and has left no excuse for anyone, and it is the only Da`wah claiming that Imam Al Mahdi (pbuh) has appeared.

-The Will and last testament of Prophet Muhammad (pbuhap)
-Supremacy of Allah
-Black Banners of Ahlulbayt (pbut)
-Mubahelah against the enemies
-Many prophecies of Ahlulbayt have been fulfilled in this Da`wah:
-The appearance of the Hujah on the day that King Abdullah
may Allah curse him died
-12 men claiming that they have seen Imam Al Mahdi (pbuh)
-Companion of Egypt (pbuh)
-The return of Prophets and Messengers (pbut)
-Raja [the Return]
-313 and 50
- And much more....
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