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The End of Page 114 to 115 (of Book of Monotheism ) say:

(.......So when he raised his head from his prostration and sat up, he looked towards His (Allah's) Greatness which manifested to him, so he fell down to prostration from his own self and not because he was commanded to do so.......)

These words clarify with full clarity that True Prostration accompanies Knowing. (...Then the angels gathered and said:"where have you left your brother and how is he?" So I said to them:Do you know him?" They said:We know him and his Shia and they are light surrounding The Throne of Allah. And verily, in Al-Bayt Al-Ma'mour (The Populated House) there is a parchment from Light [in it is a book from Light] and in it is the name of Muhammad and Ali and Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein and the Imams and their Shia until the Day of Resurrection. Not one man increases in them, and not one man decreases from them. And verily it is our covenant, and verily it is read upon us every Friday.....)

And the Shia of Ali [whom are mentioned] here, whom not one man increases in them and not one man decreases from them, are The Imams and The Mahdis, The Proofs of Allah from the sons of Ali (pbuh), for they are the light surrounding The Throne, and their names are written in parchment from light and put in Al-Bayt Al-Ma'mour (The Populated House) which is the Qiblah of The Angels, and which is mentioned in the traditions that The Ka'aba is its image for the people in the Earth.

And the fact that these names, meaning the names of the Imams and the Mahdis, are the covenant of the Angels, and [the fact that] it is being read upon them every Friday, clarify with full clarity that these names are related to their prostration and their seeking of forgiveness for objecting when they were commanded to prostrate [to Adam]. Rather, according to the relationship between Al-Bayt Al-Ma'mour (The Populated House) and The Kaa'ba, and according to this blessed tradition, you come to know that prostrating towards The Kaa'ba is for the reason of the presence of the light of these names in it, and what has been indicated in full clarity the birth of Ali ibn Abi Talib (pbuh) in The Kaa'ba, and placing in its corner the Stone which includes The Testament and The Covenant. (....Then Allah, The Almighty, inspired [to Muhammad]: "O Muhammad, face the Black Stone, and [say Allah-u Akbar/Allah is Greater] the same number as the number of My veils"

So because of that the Takbeeras (saying Allah-u Akbar/Allah is Greater) has become seven.....) The seven Takbeeras in the prayer is known to the believers, and they are the Takbeera of Ihram and the six Takbeeras which the Prayer opens/starts with. As for the fact that the Black Stone, which is special from The Kaa'ba, is what Allah has commanded Muhammad (pbuh & his Family) to face, that is because The Stone indicates towards The Mahdi, and The Mahdi, or Joseph (Yusuf) of The Family of Muhammad is The Qiblah of Muhammad (pbuh & his Family) and The Family of Muhammad (pbut), for all of them have given glad tidings about him (The Mahdi pbuh), and particpated in preparing the way for establishing The State of The Divine Justice which The Mahdi is going to establish.

[1] Al-Kafi - Al-Sheikh Al-Kuleini: part 3, page 482-486

Allahumma salli 'ala Muhammad wa ale Muhammad al Aimmah wa al Mahdiyeen wa sallim taslimlan kathira

O Ahmed O Abdullah O Mahdi from you O AhlulBeyt is goodness , and upon you is goodness , and in you is goodness
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