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{{ Proofs that Imam Musa Kazim(pbuh) is Ahmed el Hasan (pbuh)! }}

Reported from Ibraheem son of Muhammad son of Hamran and Haytham son of Waqed AlJuzri from Abdullah Alarjani he said:"I was with Aba Abdullah(Imam Saadeq)a.s ,SUDDENLY THE VIRTUOUS SERVANT PBUH ENTERED. So he(Imam Jaafer)said:"O AHMED, DO THIS". So I said:"His name is so and so?!"So he said:"NO HIS NAME IS AHMAD AND MUHAMMAD".And then he(Imam Jaafer) said to me:"O Abdullah, the companion of the matter will be taken and jailed,and so the imprisonment will prolong, so if they planned against him, he will pray with the greatest name of Allah"
Source: Gaibat AlToosi p.57

Imam Muhammed Baaqer a.s: "From the Qaem are two names, one is hidden and the other is revealed. As for the one that is HIDDEN IT IS AHMAD and the one that is revealed it is Muhammad"
Source: Kamal Al Deen p.653 v.2 door 57

Sulayman b. Dawud narrated from `Ali b. Eba Hamza from Eba Basir. He said:
I heard Aba Ja`far عليه السلام saying: There are four traditions (sunan) from four prophets in the master of this authority: a tradition from Musa, a tradition from `Isa, a tradition from Yusuf, and a tradition from Muhammad صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم. As Musa it is (he will) fear, being vigilant. As to Yusuf it is prison. As to `Isa, so it will be said: He died, and he did not die. AND AS TO MUHAMMAD صلى الله عليه وآله IT IS THE SWORD.
Source: ... al/18.html

`Abdullah b. Salam narrated to me from `Abdullah b. Sinan. He said:
I heard Abu `Abdillah عليه السلام saying: From the inevitable is that this son of mine is the Qa’im of this Umma, AND THE POSSESSOR OF THE SWORD – AND HE INDICATED WITH HIS HAND TO ABU ‘L-HASAN عليه السلام.

* Abi alWaleed alTara’efi said: One night I was at Aba Abdillah’s a.s. So he called his servant saying: “Call to me the master of my sons”. So the servant said: Who is he? So the Imam a.s. said: “Abul Hassan a.s.” So shortly after he came with a shirt without a robe..until he said..then he a.s. put his hand on my shoulders and said: “O Aba al-Waleed, AS IF I SEE THE BLACK BANNER THE COMPANION OF THE GREEN SPOT, WAVING ABOVE THE HEAD OF THIS ONE WHO IS SITTING, AND HE WILL HAVE WITH HIM HIS COMPANIONS, THEY WILL DEMOLISH THE MOUNTAINS OF IRON VERY STRONGLY. THEY WILL NOT CROSS BY ANYTHING EXCEPT THAT THEY WILL DEMOLISH IT”. So I said: May I be your ransom, this one there? So he a.s. said: “Yes”. Then he a.s. said: “So follow him, obey him, believe him, and give him satisfaction from your self, for you shall realize him inshaAllah”. Source: Al-Ghaybah by alToosi page 48

From Abi Baseer he said:I heard Aba Jaafer Al Baaqer a.s saying:The Companion of this matter,has a tradition of 4 Prophets. A tradition from Moses a.s,a tradition from Eissa a.s, a tradition from Joseph a.s,a tradition from Muhammad pbuhap, so I said: What is the tradition from Moses a.s?He said:He is afraid, and vigil,I said:And what is the tradition from Eissa a.s:?He said:It is said to what was said to Eissa,I said:And what is the tradition of Joseph?He said:Jail and the occulation,and so I said:And what is the tradition of Muhammad pbuhap?He said:If he rises,he shall move in the same way how the Messenger of Allah pbuhap moved except that HE WILL REBUILD WHAT MUHAMMAD PBUHAP LEFT AND SHALL HAVE HIS SWORD ON HIS SHOULDER FOR 8 MONTHS. Gaiba Al Numani p.164

So who is this man? From where will He come?

Imam Ali a.s said:“A man will come out before the Mahdi from his ahlulbayt(family) in the East, HE CARRIES THE SWORD ON HIS SHOULDER FOR EIGHT MONTHS...."
Source: Mumahedoon by Sheikh Korani p.118

But the question here is: Imam Musa Kazim(pbuh) did not rise against the tyrants in his era, nor during his life. So why did Imam Sadiq(pbuh) mention “the Possessor of the Sword” or “Qaim of this Umma” about Imam Musa Kazim(pbuh)? Because it describes that the Qaem will have the sword on his shoulder for 8 months and this man is not Imam AlMahdi a.s. because this role as Imam Ali a.s. described him in the book of Fitan by Ibn Hamad to be a man from"the Ahlulbayt of the Mahdi a.s."

Why did AlBaqer a.s. mention the hidden name of the Qaem "As for the one that is hidden it is Ahmed"when Imam Ali a.s. didn't dare to mention his name or even AlBaqer a.s?!!

The answer is that the hidden name is not speaking about Imam AlMahdi a.s. but Ahmed the son of Imam AlMahdi a.s. who is mentioned in the Prophet's will. If it was speaking about Imam AlMahdi a.s. there will be no reason for the Imam to mention the hidden name to be Ahmed for the Qaem. How can the Imam reveal a hidden name and intend its Imam AlMahdi a.s? He can just say the Qaem has two revealed names: Ahmed and Muhammad. But he said the Qaem has a hidden name which is Ahmed and a revealed name to be Muhammad. So there must be another meaning intended from Imam AlBaqir a.s. and its that the Qaem Ahmed is the son of Imam AlMahdi a.s. mentioned in the Prophet's will and the Qaem Muhammad a.s. is the 12th Imam the father of Ahmed according to the Prophet's will.

Imam AlBaqer a.s. said that the Qaem's hidden name is Ahmed and revealed name is Muhammad but in the end of times and what the hadeeths pointed,there is not one Qaem but numerous Qaems. And since all of the 12 Imams and 12 Mahdis are Qaems, then Ahmed who is the successor of Imam AlMahdi a.s. is also a Qaem according to the Prophet's will. It can't be that Imam AlBaqir a.s. meant Imam AlMahdi a.s. when he said that the Qaem has a hidden name which is Ahmed, if it intended Imam AlMahdi a.s. "hidden" should be changed to "revealed".So Imam Almahdi's name according to the Prophet's will is Muhammad the revealed name and Ahmed is for his son, the man with the hidden name.

Aba ‘Abdullah (a.s.) said: "If we said a statement about a man and it did not occur in him BUT IT OCCURRED IN HIS SON OR HIS GRANDSON, you must not deny that. It is because Allah the Almighty does whatever He wills."
References: alKafi vol.1 p.535 Hadith.2
After this we've learned that Imam Ahmed el Hasan(pbuh) is in short the incarnation of Imam Musa Kazim(pbuh) at this time. We know also that Imam Musa Kazim(pbuh) is the Virtuous/Righteous Servant (as mentioned in the narrations of Ahlulbayt(pbut), you can see above). But interestingly in the Bible it is mentioned that the Righteous Servant will come from the East :

Who raised up THE RIGHTEOUS MAN FROM THE EAST, called him to his foot, gave the nations before him, and made him rule over kings? he gave them as the dust to his sword, and as driven stubble to his bow. Isaiah 41

But what can we understand from the East? In the following article you can find out that (according the narrations of Ahlulbayt(pbut) ) the meaning of East is the present-day of Iraq (see: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=12832 )

As we understand the Righteous Servant will come from East (Iraq), but from which region in Iraq he will appear?

Who is this who comes FROM EDOM, IN CRIMSONED GARMENTS FROM BOZRAH, he who is splendid in his apparel, marching in the greatness of his strength? “IT IS I, SPEAKING IN RIGHTEOUSNESS, MIGHTY TO SAVE.” Isaiah 63:1
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