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By Mahmoud Alquersh
Who is the Sameri of this Da'wa? Isn't he the scholars of the Da'wa who are, in the apparent, ascetic, worshipping, Mujahids, and from the best companions of Imam Ahmed (pbuh)?

What is the Calf that the Sameri of the Da'wa (the scholars of the Da'wa) make? Isn't it the office that they described as being "the manifestation of Allah AlRahman AlRaheem"? Look at the following: In the book the Calf, Imam Ahmad pbuh said:

"And Sameri said to them this is your god and the god of Moses a.s, meaning that your God has manifested in the Calf!! And many amongst Bani Israel have believed him after they helped him in making the Calf"

Just like they tell us that the Facebook page is the Imam's (your god has manifested in this Facebook page), and just as they tell us that the office is the manifestation of Allah AlRahman AlRaheem (your god has manifested in this office)!

What is the Voice which they deceived us with? Isn't it the fake voice they made for the Imam on the Facebook page?

Didn't Imam Ahmad pbuh deal with this Fitna with silence until his father Muhammad AlMahdi pbuh returned on the day of king Abdullah's death, just like Aaron a.s. stayed silent until Moses a.s. returned? Doesn't Imam Ahmad's silence go with the Hadiths about his silent absence which will last for 6 days or 6 months or 6 years?
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