the books and statements issued by Imam Ahmad al Hassan a.s and his followers
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By Eesa
Wa Alaikum AsSalam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh sister.

Alhamdulillah and may Allah SWT. bestow much good upon the one who translated it and support her with His Might inshaAllah, and you are right it means "and was not less than one of the best companions of Moses (pbuh)." *corrected at its place*
May Allah SWT. reward you with much my sister and all working Ansars inshaAllah.

And i agree that this book is important and perhaps you can check the rest of the translation and correct possible errors and publish it here , as this should be the most important place of reference for non Arabic, English speaking Ansar InshaAllah.

As far as i know there are parts of Volume 2 translated here and there but not the whole book.

Fi Aman Allah
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By Eesa
And one suggestion if i may.

Perhaps you can open new alias name for the mentioned webisite, for example or similar, if possible with current website code, so that people can more easily access it and remember it. As on this website there are many more books then on the and regardless of the fact that some translations were not made official, it is a greater source of knowledge than the official website unfortunately.
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By Norhan El Kirsh
Walaikum assalam waRahmtullah waBaraktuh,

Ok inshaAllah will go over the translation and post any errors if there is any. And yes I agree with the suggestion inshaAllah the admins can implement it.

May Allah swt protect and keep firm all of the working blessed Ansar.

Fi aman Allah.
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By Val
As Salam Aleykum wr Allah wb.

Hope everyone are great by the mercy of Allah.

I quote few mistakes I found in the English Translation.

- Chapter " The Sending of Jesus a.s" , first note, is not Gospel of Matthew Chapter 28 = But Chapter 10, Verse 28

- Chapter Reconciliation of Imam Al-Hasan a.s, and the guardianship of the covenant for Imam Ar-Ridha a.s, "Al-Ma’mun a.s Al-Abbasi poisoned Imam Ar-Ridha a.s" after the first citation of Qu'ran.
- Same Chapter, first note, Al-Ankabut verse 23, it's verses 2-3.
- Same Chapter, "second" note, sources of narration ok, but it must be great if the verse following be written (add a new footnote [3} ? ) : Surat Al-Ma'ida (5) : 101.

Al Hamdulillah Rabbi Al Alamin.
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By cosmonauta
Salamu alykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu

Thanks a lot to post here the translation of the book of the Imam a.s, I would like to ask if it would be possible to post a PDF file with the traslation because it would be very useful to read it offline.

Thanks in advance,

Jazakallah khair
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