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By TheWaysOfAscent
Salam everyone, Ive recently decided to leave America and i want to migrate to the Ansary school in Egypt. If anyone knows how to contact anyone from the school, in the quickest way possible it would be very helpful. Thanks again!
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By aouneee
W/salam brother

You need to contact brother Joseph mcgowen. If you have him added in your facebook then try to message him and he will give you all the information about travel and all that inshallah.
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By Abdallah-El-Amin
Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh,

I am from Croatia and I would also like to migrate to Egypt after I finish 40 day fasting period. I would like to donate some gold\silver\cash whatever you like. Silver or cryptocurrencies would be halal since money is created out of debt on interest. I have tried to contact hashem@yahoo but I believe that he recieves to many e-mails, also my facebook account has been suspended because I will not provide my passport details to the facebook corporation so I have created fake account just so I can read some pages that I liked, anyways I have tried to find "Joseph McGowen" but it gives me like 200 variations on the name. I would really appreaciate it if someone here would point me in the right dirrection I have many concrete questions.

This is the new face acc that I currently use until someone reports me for fake name again:

or my email adress should be on the profile details.

Allah'a emanet
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