A place for discussing the classes of the Ansary School in Egypt
The Hawza of Imam Mahdi's official Youtube channel proudly presents a series of new lectures and dawa presentations in several languages. InshaAllah videos will be uploaded daily and will be of great benefit to Ansar and non-Ansar alike. Please share and spread this link to all you know. May Allah (swt) have Mercy on you and increase you in all that is good InshaAllah.

Mashallah brothers and sisters, your work is very appreciated and blessed
May Allah grant you success and increase your rank and faith, keep it up :thumbup:
N- Nostradamus.

Salam, Lecture révélatrice des Livres. N-11.[…]

A- Nom nouveau du Mahdi.

Salam, À qui appartient la Royauté ? A-21. L[…]