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Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan (pbuh) said, "So from the difficulties is [the difficulty of] standing in the face of the tyrants and the evil Samaritan Scholars and battling them and fighting them while your hands are empty of even a rock that you may defend yourself with, and no support nor assistance. And in their hands are weapons, and tanks, and missiles and mass media machinery, and resonant names [who] spent large amounts of money in order to be surrounded by a halo of fake sanctification, and they shower large amounts of money upon those who worship them without Allah, and people cheer and sing for them and name them Leaders and Scholars.

But as for me and my believing brothers, we have an example in Moses and Aaron, when they battled Pharaoh, and Haman, and Qaroun, and the Samari and Bal'am ibn Ba'ouraa' whom appeared to be clothed with the clothing of the ascetic worshiping Scholar.

And we have an example in Jesus (pbuh) when he battled Caesar, and Pilate, and the armies of the Romans and the misguiding scholars of the Children of Israel. And we have an example in Muhammad (pbuh & his family) when he battled the tyrants and the evil scholars. And we have an example in the Family of Muhammad (pbut) when they battled the tyrants of Bani Ummayyah, and Bani Al-Abbas and the evil Samaritan scholars in this nation. "
Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

When confronted with illusionary LAW, use your sovereign rights. These services don`t have authority over anyone until they submit to them, usually unknowingly via language tricks. "Devil is in the detail"

Every legal system by default accepts this pyramid of power:

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Current Egyption constitution is an enigma to me but above Common, Civil and even Sharia there is law that governs the top of the pyramid, Creator and his creation. Everything else is bellow and was created long after the first law was set into place and has always been used by the Shaitan to use it against people, weak and unfaitfull would be given high court positions so they could opress the faithfull who usually dont spend that much time learning over 10 000 variants of different legal words.

I hope this might help if someone of you gets to court due to some trick of Shaitan, most of the police just uses agression and leaves court to deal with right or wrong.

Allah bless all of you and may his trials and tests be enough for us to bear and may them bring us closer to HIM.
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