In the Name of Allah The Abundantly Merciful The Intensely Merciful All praises belong to Allah the Lord of the Worlds O Allah send Your Prayers upon Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad the Imams and the Mahdis.

Asalaam Alaykum Wa RahmatAllah Wa Barakatuh.

We need to prepare ourselves brothers and sisters and build our selfs up for the Qaim (a.s) and we need to be prepared for what is to come on this path and what we will see on this path and have full trust an reliance in Allah. Just like Abraham (a.s) when he was thrown in the fire and Angel Gabriel (a.s) came to him and said that he could save him and take him far away but he (a.s) relied on Allah and had full Yaqeen certitude in Allah and believed that all power and will is through Allah and by this the fire turned cool as ice and he was not burned.So today we will be discussing a few things on how we can prepare ourselves.

Firstly Aba Sadiq (a.s) themselves have told us:
Verily the path of Ahmed Al Hassan (a.s) is a hard one a very difficult one. And Ahmed Al Hassan (a.s) is that path which Allah (swt) drew for us. A path, which few decide to walk it, and even fewer successfully, crosses it.

And At times the path of Ahmed Al Hassan (a.s) seems cruel and seems illogical and the path seems to not make sense to ourselves but the Lord sees ahead for he knows the future and tells us what is best not just in this moment but for our future to come.

Ahmed Al Hassan (a.s), and following him is a difficult path. He is a man whose intellect is way beyond and above that of the Prophets and Messengers, his logic cannot at times be comprehended to the point that there remains nothing for a person to do but trust with their hearts, their souls, and with every inch of their bodies, verily those who have a mustard seeds worth of doubt will fall. Submission Submission Submission is the key. He knows what is best for us and we do not know what is best for us. He sees and hears and is aware of all things. His Sunnah is the Sunnah of the Prophets and the Messengers and their Sunnah is hard. Listen to how the prophet of Allah Jesus tells a man to do something but the man wishes to do what he thinks is best. Another man said, ‘I will follow you Lord. But first let me say goodbye to those at my home.’ Jesus replied to this man. ‘Nobody who starts to plough should look back. If he does, he is no use in the *kingdom of God.’ And there is no power nor might except through Allah (swt).

So we know this path is a hard one so we must prepare our inner self by facing the demons within and worldly pleasures and to make our hearts stronger than iron by becoming firm on this path and a way we can do this is knowledge. Look in to the proofs over and over again, they are clear as the sun and have come true word by word, its an miracle within it self, and we need to self purify and clean our hearts and make it only for Ahmed al Hassan (a.s). And a way we can clean our hearts is to to read the night time prayers. Aba Mikaeel Ahmed Murad, one of the 12 (a.s), has said that the night prayer “purifies the heart and cleanses it and purifies it the same way the water purifies the body.”

Also Imam Ali (a.s) said:
That body is purified by water, self Nafs (lower self) is purified by tears, intellect is purified by knowledge, and the soul is purified with love.

So we need to prepare mentally also and know that whatever Imam Ahmed Al Hassan (a.s) does is for the best and is the truth and it is from Allah (swt), and whatever Imam Ahmed al Hassan (a.s) does is best for our future even though it might not seem it, we brothers and sister do not see ahead but our Lord does so have full trust and reliance on the Lords plan. And everything Imam Ahmed al Hassan (a.s) does it will always be beneficial for you in the future even if it sounds crazy you have to trust and have Yaqeen is Allah’s apostle, for he is truly from Allah (swt).

Anorher way we can get prepared also is to do what Aba Sadiq (a.s) said:
Which is have absolute certitude and Yaqeen in this dawa, for by Allah (swt) it is the truth and the whole of truth, and if people would go all around the world searching for another truth or searching for another religion they would have never ever found anything more true full than this region that we are upon.

Another way we can prepare our selfs is to not let fear enter us because fear is nothing but an illusion. Ali ibn Abu Talib (a.s) said:
That when you are afraid of something dive straight in to it, because the intensity of abstaining from it is greater than what you are afraid of.

Also Aba Sadiq a.s said regarding fear:
As for fear don’t let fear enter you, for when fear enters a believer or a human being, that is when Shaytan (l.a) can enter you. Overcome fear always and face whatever it is that you fear always.

Another way to prepare our selves is to make our hearts only for Ahmed Al Hasaan (a.s) and rid it of all worldly desires and anything that is close to it. Aba Sadiq (a.s) has said:
The Imam (a.s) also told me love of this world and love for him cannot be gathered in one heart, it is impossible and two different roads going into two opposite directions, rather love for yourself and love for the proof of Allah are two different roads leading into two opposite directions.

We have to have full self-control over our selfs because self-control and self-discipline leads to self-purification. Also Imam Ali (a.s) said: That be obscure and do not attempt to be famous, do not elevate yourself in order to be remembered. Learn and conceal, find safety in silence, you will please the righteous people and you will outrage the wicked.

Us brothers and sisters we have to be prepared to take what people are going to give us also we just have to be tolerant with those people and we pray that Allah (swt) guides them and awakens them with his mercy. Just remember what our beloved father Imam Ahmed Al Hassan (a.s) and the Ahlulbayt (a.s) went through for us.

We have to be prepared for what we are going to see and go and have complete trust in Allah.

So the whole idea is that we don't have expectations for anything and we are prepared for anything for what is to come and that we are willing to do anything that Imam (a.s) tell us to do with out no doubt and we trust them fully and know that what ever they do is from Allah. Aba Sadiq (a.s) said:
Always choose what the imam wants over what you want then you will have deleted your existence and will in front of Allah (swt). So always choose what Imam (a.s) wants always over what you want, and if the Imam (a.s) is happy you are, if they are sad you are, if they go forward you go forward. Where ever they go be the dust under their feet and by this you will never fall and you will always be firm on the truth. Also The best way to obtain Yaqeen is That you believe that there is no power nor might except through Allah swt by your heart and not by your tongue as a saying. The key to all things is that there is no power nor might except through Allah, freeing our minds and an exercise to free our minds is to rid yourself of all
old ideas which control your minds and veil it. Imam Ahmed al Hassan (a.s) has said:
“Free your minds my children. Free it of all chain”

Allaahumma salle ala Muhammad wa Ale Muhammad al Aemma wal Mahdyeen wa salem tasleeman Katheera
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