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In the Name of Allah, The Abundantly Merciful, The Intensely Merciful , All praises belong to Allah the Lord of the Worlds O Allah send Your prayers upon Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad the Imams and the Mahdis , peace be upon them all.
Success comes from Allah [swt] and Allah [swt] knows Best
اللهم صلي على محمد و ال محمد الأئمة و المهديين و سلم تسليما كثيرة
O’Ahmad O’Abdullah O’Mahdi from You O’Ahlul Bayt is Goodness And in You O’Ahlul Bayt is Goodness And Upon You O’Ahlul Bayt is Goodness
لبيك ياحسين
Labayk Ya Hussain

The Righteous Servant
The Righteous Servant whom is Imam Al Hussain [as] posseses great wisdom and knowledge. The righteous servants is mentioned in the Quran in Surah Al Kalf , The Cave. In this Surah Prophet Moses [as] and the Righteous Servant whom Al Hussain [as] go on a journey to a point where the two rivers meet.
The Journey of Prophet Moses [as] and the Righteous Servant [as]
From the Holy Quran:
And mention when Moses said to his servant, "I will not cease [traveling] until I reach the junction of the two seas or continue for a long period."
But when they reached the junction between them, they forgot their fish, and it took its course into the sea, slipping away.
So when they had passed beyond it, Moses said to his boy, "Bring us our morning meal. We have certainly suffered in this, our journey, much fatigue."
He said, "Did you see when we retired to the rock? Indeed, I forgot there the fish. And none made me forget it except Satan that I should mention it. And it took its course into the sea amazingly".
Moses said, "That is what we were seeking." So they returned, following their footprints.
And they found a servant from among Our servants to whom we had given mercy from us and had taught him from Us a great knowledge.
Moses said to him, "May I follow you on the condition that you teach me from what you have been taught of sound judgement?"
He said, "Indeed, with me you will never be able to have patience.
And how can you have patience for what you do not encompass in knowledge?"
Moses said, "You will find me, if Allah wills, patient, and I will not disobey you in any order."
He said, "Then if you follow me, do not ask me about anything until I make to you about it mention."
So they set out, until when they had embarked on the ship, The righteous servant tore it open. Moses said, "Have you torn it open to drown its people? You have certainly done a grave thing."
The righteous servant said, "Did I not say that with me you would never be able to have patience?"
Moses said, "Do not blame me for what I forgot and do not cover me in my matter with difficulty."
So they set out, until when they met a boy, The righteous servant killed him. Moses said, "Have you killed a pure soul for other than having killed a soul? You have certainly done a deplorable thing."
The Righteous Servant said, "Did I not tell you that with me you would never be able to have patience?"
Moses said, "If I should ask you about anything after this, then do not keep me as a companion. You have obtained from me an excuse."
So they set out, until when they came to the people of a town, they asked its people for food, but they refused to offer them hospitality. And they found therein a wall about to collapse, so The Righteous Servant restored it. [Moses] said, "If you wished, you could have taken for it a payment."
The Righteous Servant said, "This is parting between me and you. I will inform you of the interpretation of that about which you could not have patience.
As for the ship, it belonged to poor people working at sea. So I intended to cause defect in it as there was after them a king who seized every good ship by force.
And as for the boy, his parents were believers, and we feared that he would overburden them by transgression and disbelief.
So we intended that their Lord should substitute for them one better than him in purity and nearer to mercy.
And as for the wall, it belonged to two orphan boys in the city, and there was beneath it a treasure for them, and their father had been righteous. So your Lord intended that they reach maturity and extract their treasure, as a mercy from your Lord. And I did it not of my own accord. That is the interpretation of that about which you could not have patience." – [Surah Al Kahf :60-82]

Aba Sadiq [as]: And this agreement involved two conditions, the first condition is that Moses [as] must be patient and the second condition is that he must be silent.....Peace and submission where the two conditions of this agreement.

In spite of the repeated reminders from the Righteous Servant and assurance from Prophet Moses [as] that he will remain patient without asking questions, Prophet Moses [as] forgot but then remembered and submitted. The Righteous Servant encompassed great , great , great knowledge and wisdom as such that Prophet Moses [as] found it difficult to remember to be patient and submissive even after the repeated reminders.

As such today Ahmad Al Hassan [as] the righteous servant encompasses great , great , great knowledge and wisdom that our mind cannot comprehend. This journey of Prophet Moses [as] and the Righteous Servant [as] teaches us to remain patient and submissive even to what may seem unjust and inexplicable. Our Father , Ahmad al Hassan [as] is a man of great knowledge and walking the path with our Master [as] it should be expected to be full of difficulty and no ease.

Imam Ahmad Al Hassan [as] said: Yes walking with the infallible is difficult but it is not impossible but whoever walks this path must prepare themselves very well.

How does one walk on this difficult path with Imam Ahmad al Hassan [as] whom is Al Hussain [as]. One must work, practice and reflect on how to submit and remain patient at all times. To run a marathon along side an experience athlete with the same speed or to at least keep up may seem impossible at first but with dedication and practice the impossible can become possible. Just as such one has to work work work on ourselves on our patience and on how much we submit to the Imam [as]. Imam Ahmad al Hassan [as] has asked us all to be present in the paltalk room. It is now our duty to ask ourselves how many of us submit to this command of the Imam [as] and if we do not , why not? It is these submissions and patience through tests and trials and with each other that will strengthen us. It is a long and a difficult path but if we focus on how many steps it will take to get to our destination it will always look impossible but rather we should focus on on the end destination and take the Ahl al Bayt [as] as examples in submission and patience and apply this to our step , and it will not seem like a journey until the day we reach the end. InSHA'ALLAH

The Human mind is full of weaknesses and holds a limitation of human understanding, the example from the journey of Prophet Moses [as] and the righteous servant [as] is a remembrance to never have any misgivings, or surprise about occurrences that are to come which may temporarily confuse the limited human mind. All goodness comes from Allah [swt] all evil is from the I. It is Allah [swt] who has given the great knowledge and wisdom to Imam Ahmad al Hassan [as] and Allah [swt] knows best and plans everything and it is Iblis [May Allah curse him] who tricks the minds of the human to question what we have no knowledge about whilst we forget we are nothing and no one to question the Master [as]. Our aim is submission to Allah [swt] and his righteous servant Ahmad al Hassan [as] and this submission wil only come forth once we have implemented patience in everything.

From Aba Sadiq [as]: ‘Imam Ahmad al Hassan [as] whom is Al Hussain [as] in his return has placed those two conditions upon his Ansar and he said to them ‘I want from you patience then patience then patience then submission’
The Great emphasis on patience shows the importance of this patience in this journey for we are in the same position of Prophet Moses [as] and that is to remain patient with our Father Ahmad al Hassan [as] and to submit in everything he [as] says , does or asks from us the Ansars.

Lessons learnts from the Journey of Prophet Moses [as] and the Righteous Servant [as]

From the journey of Prophet Moses [as] with the Righteous Servant [as] we learn that every thing has an outer aspect and an inner reality. If something has a good and innocent looking outer form but underneath is evil and sinful, it is not possible to simply rely on laws pertaining to the outer aspect. An example of this can be the return , as we know from our Father Ahmad al Hassan [as] that the souls of the hypocrites the enemies of Allah [swt] have also returned. The souls of these enemies are evil, filthy, and dark and they fight against the laws of Allah [swt] but the outer appearances of these souls can be of anything such as an old man, a young child or a beautiful woman. It is these illusions these appearances that we need to train our mind to not be fooled by for no matter the outer appearance the inside is a filthy enemy of Allah [swt]. And when our Father, Ahmad al Hassan [as] raises the sword against these enemies our hearts should be firm in all our Father [as] does and asks us to do for his knowledge and wisdom is great than what we encompass.

Another lesson we learn from this journey of Prophet Moses [as] and the righteous servant [as] is to love nothing more than Allah [swt] and all that we do and our Father [as] does is in the way of Allah [swt]. In all three incidents mentions in the Holy Quran , the Righteous Servant [as] only did what Allah [swt] had commanded from him [as]. It is Allah [swt] the creator the lord of the worlds, who holds the knowledge and wisdom of everything in the heavens and the earths and it is he [swt] who gives pours this knowledge and wisdom upon the Ahl al Bayt [as]. It is our Father Ahmad al Hassan [as] who has this great knowledge and if we are to fully submit to the Divine Lord , Allah [swt] then we submit to his righteous servant , Ahmad al Hassan [as]. Our father Ahmad al Hassan [as] will not perform any act that is against the will of Allah [swt]. In these incidents in the Quran the righteous servant did not peform anything without a Divine command from Allah [swt] rather he was executing the will of his Lord , Allah [swt]. In other words, his action was based on Allah [swt] creational and legislative will with respect to the death of that young man.

Imam Ja’far b. Muhammad as-Sadiq [as] says, “…The righteous servant concern was for events not to take such a turn that he would be prevented from carrying out what he was commanded, such that he would remain deprived of the reward of carrying out Allah [swt] will, that is, ending the life of that young man. Especially since carrying out this command was a source of mercy for the parents of that youth, since as the Qur`an clearly says, the righteous servant knew that in place of that son Allah would give them a child who would be pure and a source of unity for the family. In addition, the coming to pass of this Divine will allowed the righteous servant [as] to be able to reveal Divine secrets and explain hidden truths to Musa .” Illal Al Sharayi

Imam Ja’far b. Muhammad as-Sadiq [as]describes these blessings in these words: “Allah knew that if he stayed alive, the young man would lead his parents to disbelief and he would become a source of corruption and hardship for all. Thus the righteous servant [as] was commanded to finish his life so that as a result all of them (the killer, the killed, and his parents) would attain honour and Divine grace.” Tafsir Safi, vol. 3, pg. 256

Let these three incidents from the journey of Prophet Moses [as] be an example for us , for our test of patience and submission will be much more difficult. May Allah [swt] protect , and strengthen the Ansars of Allah [swt] in the matter of patience and submission. In’SHA’ALLAH

An advice from Aba Sadiq [as]:

.... If you truly want to walk with Ahmed Al Hassan, the Righteous Servant [as], then kill yourselves before you get killed and be like the dead ones walking between the hands of the Alive The Generous and do not go ahead of the Imam [as] and do not be late to him [as] and do not ask any questions. Only make Ahmed Al Hassan [as] be your ears and sight and minds for he sees what you do not see and he knows what you do not know and he understands what you do not understand and do not be shocked from anything, and expect everything and do not be attached to anything or anyone, and do not love anyone more than Allah, rather do not be attached to anything or anyone at all. Because inevitably this world is perishable, and it is a house of affliction, and you will be tested in all what you love and in all what you want
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