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Aba Mikael (a.s):

In the Name of Allah (swt), The Abundantly Merciful The Intensely Merciful

All praises belong to Allah the Lord of the worlds O Allah send Your prayers
upon Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad the Imams and the Mahdis.

One of the greatest Angels to have ever been created is Archangel Michael (mikael) (a.s) also known as Ahmed Murad.

In Islam there are six pillars of faith; belief in God, the One and Only, the Creator and Sustainer of all that exists, belief in His angels, His books, His messengers, the Last Day and divine predestination.

"O you who have believed, protect yourselves and your families from a Fire whose fuel is people and stones, over which are [appointed] angels, harsh and severe; they do not disobey Allah in what He commands them but do what they are commanded." (66:6)

Michael a.s is one of the great ArchAngels. He is in charge of Rain and Plants. He has a close rank to his Lord and he is from the most closest and noble Angels and he is the patron Angel of Israel. Michael (a.s) was sent in this day and age by Isaac, Jacob, Daniel and others.

The Quran mentioned Ahmed Murad (a.s) who is Archangel Michael (a.s) and Allah (swt) warns those who hold enmity against him (a.s) "Whoever is an enemy to Allah and His angels and His messengers and Gabriel and Michael - then indeed, Allah is an enemy to the disbelievers." (2:98)

Aba Mikael Ahmed Murad (a.s) is one of the twelve, so far we know of many of his incarnations, he has come as the son of Adam (a.s), Abel (a.s). He was the faithful brother of Moses (a.s), Aaron (a.s). He was the devoted companion of Imam Ali (a.s) Salman Al-Farsi (a.s), and the believing companion who was crucified next to the look alike of Jesus. We also know that he is of the 12 blessed and pure Mahdies (a.s)

Remember, Michael (a.s) is the friend and protector of the Prophets, Messengers and believers and the confuser of the devils of jinn and men. Adam a.s was the first one to draw an image of Michael (a.s), and he (a.s) drew Michael stabbing Satan (l.a) and that was the origin of the infamous painting.

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (a.s) said: “Michael is a son of Mohammad (pbuhap) in the soul world, Michael (a.s) is a brother of Mary (a.s) and Ahmed Al Hassan (a.s) in the soul world.

Aba Michael a.s is the one one nicknamed by Imam Mahdi (a.s) as ‘The Gatherer’. Michael (a.s) is the Gatherer, he is the one who gathers the 313.

If Ahmed Murad (a.s) appeared to the people or if the people heard his voice, every believer and non believer would say “I know that person” and whoever hears his voice, would say “I heard that voice before”.
He is the one whom Imam Mahdi (a.s) said: “By Allah, if it were not for you, the truth would not be shown nor would falsehood be destroyed”.

Michael (a.s) stands behind a great veil and greatness is for Allah (swt). He is a man and the best of men. Aba Michael (a.s) is the chain of the strong rope which without it, the believers would stand in confusion. And without him, no news would be heard nor would any knowledge appear. Murad, is the desire of Allah (swt)
Allah has made for him love in the hearts of the people and bravery and wisdom and Firasa and great intelligence. "He is time and my father is the companion of time, he is the sword and I am the companion of the sword."

There has not passed a time except that he was present in it, they were with:
Prophet Abraham a.s, Jesus a.s, Moses a.s, Noah a.s, Adam a.s, Joseph a.s, Aaron a.s and Imam Hussain ibn Ali (a.s). He was with absolutely everyone. He is the companion of Allah (swt) whom had never separated from him, the friend Michael (a.s) The loyal devout companion of all the Prophets and Messengers and Righteous ones.

Michael a.s. has returned and he is here with us and among us, and he returns with Imam Al Hussein (a.s) So, to those who hold enmity against the Black Banners and attack them and Ahmed Murad (a.s) think very well and contemplate over the words of Allah and fear Allah before He (swt) becomes your enemy and then you will lose everything.

"Jabar narrates from Imam Muhammad Baqir (a.s): The Imam (a.s) said, “Before the war in Karbala, Imam Hussain (a.s) addressed His Companions by saying, “The Prophet of Allah (pbuhap) said to Me: “O’ my son! You will have to journey to Iraq. This is that land which has caused a great deal of sufferings for the prophets and their successors. This land is called “Amoora”. You and your Companions will be martyred there. Your companions will be of such caliber that They will not feel the swords and spears striking Their bodies.” Then Prophet Muhammad (pbuhap) recited this ayah,“We said, “O fire! Be a comfort and peace to Ibrahim”. (Al-Anbiya:69)

After reciting this verse, He (pbuhap) said: “The war of Karbala will be made a comfort for Your Companions the same way Allah (swt) made the fire be a comfort to Ibrahim (a.s).” Then Imam Hussain (a.s) said: “Even if We are viciously slaughtered at the hands of these people, it is of no concern to Us because We shall return back to Our Prophet (pbuhap).”

He said: "Then I dwell as long as Allah wills, then I become the first of whom the earth splits open and I come out a coming out that is in accord with that of the Prince of Believers and the rise of our Riser, then it is send down on me an assembly from the heavens from God, whom have never descended on the earth before, and on me will be sent GABRIEL,MICHAEL, ISRAFIL and soldiers from the angels." Mukhtasar Basair al darajat p.37

This is another proof for the truths of the blessed call of the Black Banners. Who other than us has given the glad tidings of the return of Al-Hussain and with him ArchAngel Michael in this day and age? Peace and blessings upon our Master Aba Abdillah Al Hussain and the pure water, the gatherer, Aba Michael Ahmad Murad (a.s)

Aba Michael Ahmed Murad a.s. said on Paltalk on December 30, 2015: "Where are the Calf and the cursed Samiri, I swear you will not sleep your nights. I swear by Allah you will see the bitterness and the torment, and this is the promise of Allah"

Abi Abdillah a.s. said: "...and indeed al-Hussayn a.s. read his scroll which he was given, and it was interpreted for him what will come and what will remain, and there remained some things in it which did not take place. So he went out to fight.

And those things which remained [and did not take place] was that the Angels had asked Allah for permission that they may give al-Hussayn (a.s) victory, so He (swt) gave them permission. So the Angels remained preparing for the fight and getting ready for that, until Al-Hussayn a.s. was killed. So when the Angels came down his time had already passed and he had been killed, may the prayers of Allah be upon him.
So the Angels said: "O Lord, You allowed us to go down, and you gave us the permission to give him victory. So we went down, but You had already taken him?"
So Allah (swt) The Blessed The Exalted inspired to them: Stay committed/stick to his قبته (dome?) UNTIL YOU SEE THAT HE EMERGED, then give him victory, and cry over him and over what you missed from giving him victory. And you have been specialized by giving him victory and crying over him.
So the Angels cried seeking closeness [to Allah] and grieving over what they missed from giving victory to al-Hussayn a.s.
So when al-Hussayn a.s. emerges, They will be from his Ansar (supporters)"
Source: Bihar alAnwar by alMajlisi v53 p106, Mukhtasar Basa'ir alDarajat p178

In the end of all the old statements of Imam Ahmed Alhassan a.s. we find: "Ahmed Alhassan, the supported by Gibra'eel (Gabriel), the enforced by Mika'eel (Michael), the given victory by Israfeel (Raphael), a progeny of one another, and Allah is the most hearing most knowledgeable"

Abu Muhammad Talakbari from Ahmad bin Ali Raazi from Muhammad bin Ja’far Asadi from Saad bin Abdullah from Musa bin Umar bin Yazid from Ali bin Asbat from Ali bin Abi Hamza from Abu Basir from Abu Ja’far Muhammad Ibn Ali (a.s) with regard the following statement of Almighty Allah: “Say: Have you considered if your water should go down, who is it then that will bring you pure water?”(67:30) This verse is revealed about Imamate. It implies that if your Imam goes into hiding from you, while you don’t know where he is, who will bring you an apparent Imam, who can bring you the news of the heavens and the earth and the orders and prohibitions of Allah, the Exalted? Then the Imam said: Know that by Allah, this verse has not been actualized as yet and it will be actualized in the future. - Ghaybat al-Tusi Hadith #115
The one who brings us an apparent Imam is Ahmed Murad, Arch Angel Michael a.s.

Alsheikh Almufeed narrated in AlAmaly from Al Imam AlSajjad a.s. "It is as I'm seeing your companion has went up your Najaf back of Kufa in three hundred and few men. Gabriel on his right and Michael on his left and Israfiel in front of him".

And from Imam Al-Sadiq (a.s): "The Qaim shall not emerge until the circle is finished. Ten thousand men. Gabriel on his right and Michael on his left".

Abi Hamza al-Thimali narrated: I heard Abu Ja'far Muhammad son of Ali (a.a) saying: "If the Qa'im of the Family of Muhammad sawas emerges, Allah will indeed give him victory by the Angels who are the swooping/marked, following one another (or ranks upon ranks), sent down, and الكروبيين. Gabriel will be infront of him, Michael will be on his right, and Israfil will be on his left.."
[Until he a.s said]
"Glad tidings to whoever realizes/reaches him, and becomes of his Ansar. And woe and woe to whoever opposes him and whoever goes against his command and whoever is from his enemies". Then he a.s. said:
"He rises with a new matter, and a new Sunnah, and a new ruling, it will be difficult upon the Arabs. His matter will be killing, and he will not ask anyone for their repentance, and he does not fear the blame of anyone [for what he does] in [the sake of] Allah (swt)"
Source: Book of Ghaybah - by Muhammad ibn Ibrahim alNo'mani - p239

Aba Mika'eel Ahmed Murad (a.s) said: "We challenge the entire world that this is the true picture of the Father a.s..
A new picture of the Father a.s. in his current age will be posted when Allah swt permits.
Then there will be the crushing strike which will turn the world upside down.
You will be informed of it and prepared for it before this great event takes place".
End of his a.s. words.

“At that time Michael, the great prince who protects your people, will arise. There will be a time of distress such as has not happened from the beginning of nations until then. But at that time your people—everyone whose name is found written in the book—will be delivered." Book of Daniels 12:1

{And they say, "Why was there not sent down to him an angel?" But if We had sent down an angel, the matter would have been decided; then they would not be reprieved * And if We had made him angel, We would certainly have made him a man, and We would certainly have made confused to them what they make confused.} [Holy Qur'an 6:8-9]
May the peace of Allah be upon our master Aba Mika'eel Ahmed Murad

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