Imam Ali (a.s.) said:

O’Salman (a.s) ! If one dies from amongst Us, He is not dead and if
someone is slain from amongst Us, He is not slain. One from amongst Us who is in occultation performs His duties as We do. We are not born in this world the way humans are born in this world. You cannot compare Us with mankind. I was the voice of Isa (a.s) when He spoke from the cradle. I am the helper of Nuh (a.s) and Ibrahim (a.s). I am the one who will send the wrath of Allah. I shall also bring about the trembling and shall cause the final quake. I am the Lohay Mahfooz (Protected Tablet) and all of the knowledge within it originates from Me. I can appear in any form by the wish of Allah. Whoever has observed these appearances has seen Me and whoever has seen Me has observed the Signs of Allah. We Masoomeen (a.s) are the Noor of Allah which can never be rejected or changed.

O’Salman (a.s)! Every prophet is honored because of Us. You can praise Us with whatever titles or attributes within your imagination however do not ascribe rabuyiat (godship) to Us. People find salvation through Us and reach their destruction due to Us.

O’Salman (a.s)! He who firmly believes in all that I have explained is that momin whose heart has been tested by Allah with iman (true faith) and he has recognized Our true status. One who doubts or hesitates is a nasibi (enemy of Allah) even if he claims to believe in Our wilayat he is a liar.

O’Salman (a.s)! Myself and the Divine Guides from My Family , Imams (a.s), are the hidden mystery of Allah and Most Beloved by Him. We are all One. Our Amr (authority) is One. Our mystery is One. Thus do not try to find differences amongst Us or you will be killed (go astray). We shall appear in every age by the will of Allah. Afflictions shall be upon the one who denies us. Only those whose hearts, eyes, and ears have been sealed will deny us.

From the Sermon Khutbat al Ma'rifat al Nooraniya
Alhamdulilah, may Allah swt bless you too brother
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