Verily Allah has Re-created Imam Al-Husain (a.s.)

Saleh ibn Sahl narrated that Abu Abdullah (a.s.) said regarding the verse { Then We gave back to you the return against them.}, he a.s. said:

“The emergence of Al-Husain (a.s.) in the Return, with seventy men from his companions who were killed with him. On them will be the white golden helmets, each helmet has two faces, and which lead the people to the fact that Al-Husain had emerged among his companions, so that the believers may not doubt him and so that they know that he is not a Dajjal nor a Shaytan, while the Hujjah the Qa’im will be among them. So if the knowing that he is Al-Husain (a.s.) became settled in the believers’ hearts, death will come to the Hujjah. So Al-Husain son of Ali (a.s.) will be the one who gives him Ghusl, shroud him, do Hunut to him, and place him in his grave. And no one succeeds a Vicegerent except a Vicegerent.” - (Bihar Al-Anwar V.51 P.56}

Al-Muqaram narrated that Imam Abu Ja’far Al-Baqir a.s. said:
(Verily, Al-Husain (a.s) said to his companions:
“Glad tidings to you of Paradise, for by Allah we shall stay as long as Allah wants after what takes place upon us, then Allah will bring us and you out when our Qa’im appears, so He shall take revenge from the oppressors, and you and I will watch them in chains and shackles and the [different] types of torment”)
{Maqtal Imam Al-Hussein a.s. , printed by Dar Al-Thaqafa, page 215..}

Burayd Al-Ijli narrated that Abu Abdullah (a.s.) said in a long Hadith: “Verily Allah promised Al-Husain (a.s) to return him to the world so that he may take revenge for himself from the people who did that to him”

Imam Al-Husain (a.s) is Imam Ahmed Al Hasan (a.s.) the first Mahdi who has returned to this world along with his companions.
Allahu akbar.

I'm very honored to be among the ansar of imam husain a.s. aka imam ahmad al hassan a.s.

Out of curiosity, will imam hassan a.s. (brother of imam husain a.s./ son of imam ali a.s.) be returning as well? Or is he amongst us at this present time? Please forgive me for any ignorance, and may Allah swt shower his mercy and wisdom upon us.
SubhanAllah its an honor from Allah swt to be followers and supporters to Imam Ahmed Al Hasan - Husain (a.s)

Your question about Imam Hasan (a.s) is a good question and the answer to that at the moment is, it is a secret.

May Allah bless you and grant you success
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