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The Belief of al-Raj'a/al-Karra, which means, "return". It is about bodily resurrection of some dead and their return to this word before the Day of Judgment. Many verses from Holy Quran confirm al-Raj'a has happened in the past for some specific nations and individuals and will also happen in the future for some people. There are many narrations and verses which indicate that Allah swt will re-creat or resurrect two groups of people. The first group is those who have reached the epitome of Faith, and the second group is those who have reached the epitome of disbelief, meaning the best believers and the worst disbelievers. And the people in those groups are people who lived in the past ages.
There are many objectives which are not known except by its Companion, and it will clarified to you when the time is suitable inshaAllah. But this struggle between those two groups is the first step in building the state of Divine Justice.

{Our word had already preceded our worshipers, the messengers, (171) that they shall receive our help (172) and our armies shall be the victors. (173) so turn (away) from them for a while. (174)} Holy Quran 37:171-174

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