By our Dear Brother Dr. Ali al-Ghorayfi علي الغريفي

To Prove that the Raj’a will be by birth (being born again).

Many people ask from the Companions of the Black Banners to present a proof that the Raj’a will be by birth.
The fact that the people have started to return to the Hadiths, this is a good thing.

During the age of the Marja’s, the Hadiths were only for the “great ones” of the people. As for the common people, they had submitted their religion to the ones who are specialized in religion, in order that they grant for them to enter Paradise!
And all preference go back to Imam Ahmed Alhassan a.s. and his father a.s. who have made the people return to the Hadiths of the Ahlul Bayt a.s.

But whenever The Abundantly Merciful builds a path, Iblis builds a deceptive path next to it! It is a Sunnah which never changes.
The request of the stubborn ones that we present a decisive proof from the Hadiths of Ahlul Bayt which proves that Raj’a is by birth, might seem a logical request at the first glance according to our incompetent/incomplete minds. But if you look closely, you will find that their request is nothing but a confusion they are attempting to raise.

A question:
If there isn’t a Hadith which contains the details that they are looking for, would that prove that the Raj’a by birth is false?
The sane person must never reject that the Raj’a is by birth just because there isn’t a Hadith which has clear accurate details (as the people of raising confusions desire). And that is due to the following reasons:

1. We are used to the fact that the Holy Qur’an and the Ahlul Bayt a.s. do not mention the details of the incidents. Rather, they always mention the incidents in a symbolized manner. The mentioning of the details and the explanation of the symbols are always left for the next Divine Messenger to clarify.

2. The purpose of the symbols in the Qur’an and the Hadiths is to give the Divine Messenger the authority over the people, and this authority is through him revealing clearly the meanings of the Hadiths and Verses.

3. Imagine what the hypocrites would do to the Messengers a.s. if all the Hadiths and Verses were detailed very accurately? Even though those hypocrites only have very little knowledge, and even though there are many symbols, and even though the Qur’an prevents them from interpretation, we still find them today filling the world with confusions they raise [because of their own interpretations and wrong understanding].
So imagine if the hypocrites had all the details and all the knowledge, then what would they have done to the Messengers a.s.?

4. Is it permissible for us to say that the Maghrib prayer is not three Raka’s, just because this is not mentioned in the Qur’an?

5. Imagine if we actually had come to them with Hadiths which clearly and accurately say that the Raj’a is by birth, what would the hypocrites have said? They would have said “Your Imam did not come with anything new, and he is only taking from the office, he is only copying. Therefore he is not an Imam”.

6. If the principle is as they are saying, then the birth of Imam Mahdi a.s. more than a thousand years ago is a lie and the Wahabis are right, and that is because there isn’t a Qur’anic verse which mentions that.

7. Whoever requests such Hadiths must prove first that he is an Infallible Imam. Because those with incomplete minds are forbidden to interpret.

Therefore, after what has been presented, whoever asks for such proofs (which is a reflection of Wahabi like requests) is a person who denies the Sunnah of Allah swt, because he is acting like His enemies and fighting His Awliyaa’, and he does not have any share in the wilayah whatsoever.

The true believer does not start from here. The true believer starts from proving the Imamate of the Messenger.
As for the confusions which could be raised, they are so many, as many as the minds of mankind.
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