The Debate and the Proof of Imam Ali (pbuh) about The Return (Al-Raja'a)

Reported from Abi Baker Al-Yashkari that he went to Ameer Al Mumineen and asked him: "O Ameer Al Mumineen, it is that Abu Mo'tamir spoke of things lately that my heart couldn’t withstand.

"Imam Ali (pbuh): "what did he say?" He said: "he claims that you told him that you heard the Messenger of Allah (pbuhap) saying: " We saw a man that is older than his father."

Imam Ali (pbuh) said: "This is what you couldn’t withstand?" He said "Yes, do you believe in that or know the man?

"Imam Ali (pbuh): " Listen carefully to what I will tell you. Uzair (pbuh) left his family while his wife was pregnant in the 9th month. Allah afflicted him [He caused him to die for a hundred years then sent him back alive] so this man Uzair came back to his family still being 50 years old. His son welcomed him but his son was a hundred years old. Then Allah made Uzair back to how he was before." (youthful again)

Al Yashkari asked: "there is more" Ya Ameer Al Mumineen?: " say what you want.". "Some of your companions claim that they will come back after they die."

Ameer Al Mumineen replied: "Yes. Speak of what you heard and don’t say any other word. What did you tell them? ."

Al Yashkari said: "I said that I don’t believe in this.

Ameer Al Mumineen: "How can you say this? "Allah had afflicted some people because of their sins by killing them before their destined time of death. Then he sent them back to the Dunya so that they earn their destined livelihood and then caused them to die after that."

Al Yashkari said: "This is huge I can't believe it."

Ameer Al Mumineen said: " How dare you, don’t you know that Allah said in His Book: " Musa picked 70 men from his nation for our date." So he went with them so that they witness for him yet they came back to Banu Isra'eel. Allah told me that if those listened to him and believed him, it would have been good for them.
Yet they said: "O Musa, we will not believe in you unless we see Allah with our naked eyes." Allah said: {then the lightening stroke them while you were looking then we sent you back after your death so that you might be grateful.}
"Don’t you know that those people went back to their homes after they died"?.

Al Yashkari: "What did Allah mean when he said: "then he killed them?."

Ameer Al Mumineen said: " Didn’t Allah say: {We covered them with clouds and bestowed Manna and quails to them} this is after death when he sent them back and like them there are {people of Banu Isra'eel} as Allah said: "Didn’t you see those who left their homes in thousands fearing death. Then Allah told them: "Die" and so they died then He revived them.} and Allah's saying : {Or (take) the similitude of one who passed by a hamlet, all in ruins to its roofs. He said: "Oh! how shall Allah bring it (ever) to life, after (this) its death?" but Allah caused him to die for a hundred years, then raised him up (again). He said: "How long didst thou tarry (thus)?" He said: (Perhaps) a day or part of a day." He said: "Nay, thou hast tarried thus a hundred years} so don’t doubt the power and ability of Allah..

{Al-Bihar - vol.53, p.72.}
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