The following is a quote by Imam Ahmed Al Hasan (a.s ) about Imam al-Mahdi (sawas). It is from a recent video posted by Ansar Din Alhak (a.s) One of the 12 chiefs of the 313.

“For more than a thousand years he was waiting that your grandparents and parents be born, so that they may give birth to you, so you may give him victory. And the promised day has
arrived, all praises due to Allah.
By Allah you have won in the world and the hereafter. Safeguard your rank with Allah, and do not let the wicked devil suggest evil to your hearts nor shake them. I ask Allah, by the truth of Fatima peace be upon her, to keep you firm and push every evil away from you, and to push away from you anyone who wants to harm you. Indeed He is praiseworthy and glorious.”)
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