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Khutba Al Raj`ah
Sermon of the Day of the Return
Abu Hamza Thumali narrates from Imam Muhammad Baqir (a.s) that Ameerul Momineen (a.s) said,

Verily Allah was unique in His oneness. Then He spoke through His kalimah (word). He then created Me and My Offspring. Then He spoke and created ruh (spirit) through His kalimah (word). Then He placed this spirit in the noor. Then He placed this noor in Our physical forms. We are the spirit of Allah and His kalimat (words). We resided under the green shadow. There was no sun, moon, day, night nor any eye to witness them. We were worshipping Him and performing His tasbeeh. We were doing this before the creation of the universe. Then He took the oath of allegiance from all of the prophets of Iman (faith) and nusrat (help)
For Us, He said, “And when Allah made a covenant through the prophets: Certainly what I have given you of Book and Wisdom, then a messenger comes to you verifying that which is with you, you must believe in him and you must aid him (3:81)”.

Allah made it wajib (compulsory) upon every prophet to believe in Muhammad (saw) and help His successor. Soon they will help Him. Verily, Allah took the oath of allegiance for My help along with the oath of allegiance for belief in Muhammad (saw). I fought for Muhammad (saw) and slaughtered His enemies and fulfilled My promise with Allah. However, Allah’s prophets and messengers did not help Me. Allah will bring back to life all of the prophets from Adam (as) to Muhammad (saw) and all will fight alongside Me. How strange it is that Allah shall bring the dead back to life!
They will call from Talbia “I am present, I am present”. They will call towards Allah and cut the throats of His enemies until Allah will fulfill His promise to the momins (believers) to make them as His caliphs upon this earth as He had done so before. He will establish that religion for them that He had chosen for them. Then He will bestow upon them peace after they have known fear. They will worship Him and will not commit shirk. They will worship Him in the state of iman (faith). The momins will not dispute amongst each other. They will not practice taqiya. They will return after the return (rajat).

Verily, I am the one who shall return over and over. All of the kingdoms and wonders are for Me. I am the slave of Allah, brother of RasoolAllah (saw), trustee of Allah, trustee of the secrets of Allah. I am the face of Allah, His path (sirat), His scale (meezan). I am that kalimah (word) of Allah that causes the people to gather and causes the gatherings to disperse. I am the greatest names of Allah. I am His best example. I am His greatest sign (Ayatul Kubra). I am the Lord of heaven and hell. I will place the inhabitants of the heavens and hells in their proper places. I will arrange the marriage of the inhabitants of jannah and punish the inhabitants of hell. I will be standing on Araf. I am Dabitul Arz. I am the distributor of hell. I am the Lord of the treasures of jannah. I am the Lord of Araaf. I am Ameerul Momineen. Master of the pious. The sign of previous nations. The tongue of the speakers. Seal of Successors. Inheritor of Prophets. Caliph of Allah. Siratul Mustaqeem (straight path). Allah’s proof upon the heavens and earth and all that is between them and on them.
I am the witness of Allah upon the creation. I was witness to your creation and will be witness on the day of judgment. I am the one who has ilm ul mania, ilm ul wasia, ilm ul baliya, ilm ul kaziya. I am Fazl ul Kitab (blessed speech). I am the one for whom the clouds, the lighting, the darkness, light, wind, mountains, oceans, stars, sun, and moon were made to be obedient to. I am the one who slew the nation of Aad and Thamud and the people of Ras. I am the one who slew Firoan. I am the one who saved Musa (as). I am the Farooq (honor) of this nation. I am the one who guides. I am the one who has knowledge of all things. O’ people, ask Me before you lose Me. O’ Allah, I make You as witness without You I have nothing. You have blessed Me with all greatness. Thanks be to Allah.”
(Mukhtasir al Basair al Darjat pg 73)

Note: When Imam Ali (a.s.) says he is Dabat Al Arth (beast of the earth) he is referring to a member from his Ahl Al Bayt (pbuta) As we know Ahmed Al Hasan - Hussain in the return is Dabat Al Arth (a.s.)
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