Three-Fold World

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THE WORLD is a Three-fold World:

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Every inferior is governed by its superior, and it receives the influence of the virtues so that the very Original and Chief Worker of all is done by
angels, the heavens, stars, elements, animals, plants, metals and stones produce from itself the virtues of GOD THE CREATOR THE ORIGIN (swt) upon us, for whose service He made and created all these things:

Wise men conceive it in ways that seem irrational but the result is
that it should be possible for us by these irratioanal ways to ascend by the same degrees through each World and through the process the irrational becomes rational by understanding how things work, till you return or reach to the same very original World itself, the Maker of all things and First cause, from which all things are and proceed; and also to enjoy not only these virtues, which are already in the more excellent kind of things, but also besides these, to draw from it new virtues from above.
SO THAT it is that they seek after the virtues of the Elementary World, through the help of physic, and natural philosophy in the various mixations or harmony of natural things of: the Celestial World in the rays, and influences thereof, according to the rules of Astrologers, and the doctrines of mathematicians, joining the Celestial virtues to the former. Moreover, they ratify and confirm all these with the powers of divers Intelligence, through the sacred ceremonies of religions an example of that is
PROPHET IBRAHIM how he resurrected the birds after cutting them into pieces and putting every piece over a mountain then calling them by words which results in a successful ceremony and the birds are back to life flying back to him .

So as a summery for this introduction ; we need to learn about the three parts of the world and confess and believe first in the unseen and its power and influence on the seen and touchable …

The elements are not all seen like the element of air but you can feel its effect
The celestial are seen so far but the rays of it is unseen but the effect is felt
The intellectual is completely unseen and it is behind all effects and the reason and highest level and it is from GOD.

End of introduction .. the journey of understanding to be continued
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This is very interesting, it reminds me of the words of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (pbuh), successor and messenger of Imam Al-Mahdi (pbuh), talking about three worlds in the Book of the Calf, almost exactly matching the description mentioned here. He (pbuh) said:

"And know O my beloved believers that the first creation is the intellect, and it is the first spiritual world and it is the complete world, the creations in it are all consumed in one another and are not inconsistent to one another. And its inhabitants are on the highest level of the divine worlds of Allah swt, and it is a rank specialized for Muhammad and Ali (pbut)."

Comment: This would be the world that is described here as "intellectual"!

The Imam (pbuh) continues:
"Muhammad (pbuh) {While he [was] in the horizon - the highest. Then he approached and came down, And was a distance [of] two bow-[lengths] or nearer.} 1 and Ali (pbuh) is his self, Allah says: {Then whoever argues [with] you concerning it from after what came to you of the knowledge then say, “Come, let us call our sons and your sons, and our women and your women, and ourselves and yourselves, then let us pray humbly, and invoke the curse [of] Allah on the liars.”} 2, and Ali is touched with the essence of Allah as we were told by him (pbuh) 3, and below is all ranks, they (pbut) surround and know all what is below them, and all that is below them take their knowledge from them each according to his rank and nobody fully knows them except their Creator, as also nobody knows Allah swt more than them according to the human capacity of knowing Allah.
The meaning of this has been narrated by the owner of the Blessed rank (pbuh): (O Ali nobody has known Allah except for me and you, and nobody has known me except for Allah and you, and nobody has known you except for Allah and me) 4.

As for the second world it is the world of Malakut, it is the world of ideal images, it is the world of the souls close to what the sleepers see. That is because the sleeper loses awareness of the physical presence and focuses on his presence in the Malakut, and you can say the ideal or the spiritual".

Comment: Could this be the same as Socrates's world of Ideal Forms?

"As for the third world it is the physical world, and it is a world close to nothingness which has no fate for existence except its viability for existence, and it is the lowest rank you can reach. If an image was given to a material it becomes a body, and it is the first stages of ascension or descension, and also the bodies are divided each according to its existing ranks from inanimate, plants, animals, and humans, and the human can either ascend and go back to his Lord, so he glorifies Allah in the world of the intellect and is close to Allah, or he can degrade himself and turn away from his Lord, and does not see anything but the material that nothing can be known by it and no knowledge can be gained by it except by giving it its perfect image, and this way he becomes like cattle and even worse; because he was born to go back to Allah but he turned back, and was born to gain wisdom but chose ignorance, and was born to live but chose death."

Comment: This would be the world that is described here as "elementary"!
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