Aal Al Mahdi - Family of the Mahdi (as)

October 2016

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Imam Ahmed al-Hassan a.s. said:

Adam a.s. said:

“The countries and whoever in them have changed, so the face of the earth is dusty and ugly.

Every thing that had a taste and color have changed, and the cheerful pleasant face has become less.

I see the length of my life as gloominess/anguish. Am I to be in rest from my life?

And how could I not cry abundant tears while the grave is embracing Abel!

Cain has killed his brother Abel! Oh my grief! The pleasant one has been lost!”

So Iblis may Allah curse him said to him:

"Move away from the countries and its dwellers, wasn't the abode of eternity too narrow for you?

You and your wife were settled/stable in it, and you were in comfort from the harm of the world

So you were not separated from my plot and deceit, so you missed the great price

If it were not for the mercy of the Jabbar (The Compeller) I would be sure that you will not see the Paradise of immortality.

(not sure about the translation of that last sentence, here is its Arabic: فلولا رحمة الجبار أضـحى ***** بكفك من جنـــان الخلد ريــــح ) "

And how could I not cry abundant tears, while the grave is embracing Abel!”

Then Imam Ahmed al-Hassan a.s. continued saying:

Ali a.s., the one who holds the heavens and the earth with his fist, has said:

"By your life! The human is only by his religion, so do not leave piety (fear of Allah) depending on lineage

For Islam has raised Salman of Persia, and it has degraded Abu Lahab the polytheist of the honorable lineage”

My believing children, may Allah the Exalted safeguard you.

Make your names a lineage which your grandchildren would be proud of

And leave the lineages and titles and tribes

For your lineage is being named today;

The Family of the Mahdi a.s. ( Aal al-Mahdi a.s آل المهدي ع )

Whoever asks you what is your lineage, say to him, I am from Aal al-Mahdi a.s. (the Family of the Mahdi a.s.)

O Family of the Mahdi, you have the most honorable lineage on the face of the Earth,

for you are the tribe of the family of the Mahdi a.s.

and you are brothers and sisters and cousins, and this is your tribe.

Peace from Allah upon the true believers.
Wassalamu alaikum warahmatullah wabaraktuh.

قال الامام احمد الحسن ع

قال آدم ع

تغيـّــرت البلاد ومن عليــــــها فوجه الارض مغبرّ قبيــــح

تغيّر كل ذي طعم ولـــــــــــون وقل بشاشة الوجـــــه المليح

أرى طــــــول الحياة علي غما وهل أنا من حياتي مستريح

وما لي لا أجــــود بسكب دمع! وهابيــل تضمنه الضريـــح

قتل قابيــــــــل هابيلا أخــــــاه فوا حزني لقد فقد المليــــح

فأجابه ابليس لعنة الله

تنح عن البلاد وساكنيـــــــها ***** فبي في الخلد ضاق بك الفسيح

وكنت بها وزوجك في قرار ***** وقلبك من أذى الدنيا مريــــــح

فلم تنفك مــن كيدي ومكري ***** إلى أن فاتك الثمن الربيـــــــح

فلولا رحمة الجبار أضـحى ***** بكفك من جنـــان الخلد ريــــح

وما لي لا أجــــود بسكب دمع! وهابيــل تضمنه الضريـــح

ثم قال الإمام أحمد الحسن ع

قال ماسك الارض والسماء بقبضت يديه علي ع

لـعـمـرك الإنـــــســــــان إلا بــــديـــنــــه فـــــلا تــتــرك الـتــقــوى اتــكـــالاً عــلـــى الــنــســب

فـــقــــد رفـــــــع الإســـــــلام ســلـــمـــان فـــــــارس وقــــد وضــــــع الـــشـــرك الــشــريــف أبــــــا لـــهـــب

ابنائي المؤمنين والمؤمنات حفظكم الله تعالى

اجعلوا اسمائكم انساب يتفاخر بها احفاذكم

واتركو الانساب والالقاب والعشائر

فنسبكم يسمى اليوم

ال المهدي ع

من يقول لك ما نسبك فأجبه اني من ال المهدي

يا ال المهدي لكم اشرف نسب على وجه الأرض

فأنتم عشيرة ال المهدي ع

وانتم اخوة واولاد عم وهذه هي عشيرتكم

سلام من الله على المؤمنين حقا
والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
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