Lankavatara Sutra

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The Blessed One, knowing the mental agitations going on in the minds of those assembled (like the surface of the ocean
stirred into waves by the passing winds), and his great heart moved by compassion, smiled and said:

In the days of old the Tathagatas of the past who were Arhats and fully-enlightened Ones came to the Castle of Lanka on Mount Malaya and discoursed on the Truth of Noble Wisdom that is beyond the reasoning knowledge of the philosophers as well as being
beyond the understanding of ordinary diciples and masters; and which is realisable only within the inmost conciousness;
for your sakes, I too, would discourse on the same Truth.

All that is seen in the world is devoid of effort and action because all things in the world are like a dream, or like an image miraculously projected. This is not comprehended by the philosophers and the ignorant, but those who thus see things see them truthfully. Those who see things otherwise walk in discrimination and, as they depend upon discrimination, they cling to dualism.

The world as seem by discrimination is like seeing one’s own image reflected in a mirror, or one’s shadow, or the moon reflected in water, or an echo heard in a valley.

People grasping their own shadows of discrimination become attached to this thing and that thing and failing to abandom dualism they go on forever discriminating and thus never attain tranquility.

By tranquility is meant Oneness, and Oneness gives birth to the highest Samadhi which is gained by entering into the realm of Noble Wisdom that is realisable only within one’s inmost conciousness.


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