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By dawnoftheage

Angelina Jolie, having no trace of cancer whatsoever, has had a double mastectomy. In other words, her perfectly healthy breasts were cut off :wtf: .

She also plans to have her perfectly healthy ovaries removed after having one more child, a procedure known as an oopserectomy. Pardon me, an oopherectomy. At this rate, there will not be much left of her perfectly healthy body for long.

For some reason, this makes her a "brave hero" and not a fool. Well, of course: In the luciferian media, all luciferians are portrayed as "brave heroes"

Here is Docter. Coldwell who begs to differ, in an amazing but truthful manner.


According to this article, our genes do not cause disease: ... ase-mirage

Personally, I would not trust Angelina Jolie to give me the correct time of day, much less advise me on radical elective surgery.

Even conventional methods are highly flawed: "1.3 million US women have received unnecessary and invasive cancer treatments over the last 30 years, thanks to routine mammograms that detected harmless tumors, scientists said".

As usual, the luciferian media's official spin on Angelina Jolie's story is far from the truth.

Even the alternative press, which has no financial or political motive to lie to us, has only figured out a small fraction of the true story. Hopefully, this article will set things straight.

To his credit, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger from Natural News, was the first one to reveal that Jolie stands to make millions from her surgery. Briefly, her promotion of her double mastectomy has accomplished the following...

Must read the rest of the aticle at... ... rship.html

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