This room deals with everything that has to do with mind control programming
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By zizzou

Somone has issues.
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By YHavntCNothingYet
You know that face expresion i have seen it many time on difrent people when it is abaute Personality

Ther was one time a disbeliver hwo felt in love with a beliver, the disbeliver loved the beliver with all hes heart Love at first site

Then 1 day the disbeliver went and told the beliver, I have felt in love with you can you tell me something abaute you

Then the beliver sayd to the disbeliver , I belive in Allah and i try to live the Moral Valus of Islam

The disbeliver sayd to the beliver it is good thing i love you now even more , the disbeliver sayd to the beliver wat is Moral Valus of Islam

And the beliver told the disbeliver what Moral Valus of Islam are, and how the Personality of a man becomes if the man follow Moral Valus of Islam.

Then the face of the disbeliver changed just like that of the Face of Brad Pit in the Video, and the disbeliver sayd i love you beliver but i hate and dislike your Personality

Every time the dsibeliver did think abaute Moral Valus of Islam Personality of a man The Face of the disbeliver changed just like the Face of Brad Pit in the Video
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By zizzou
Yeah theres something unnatural about it.
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By Zolfigarr
There is also a moth on Brad Pitt's chest. Refer back to Lil Wayne's album and it had a moth....pending danger I guess..or its trying to copy a scene from a nightmare and then produce a video about it.
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By Samir

(From Wikipedia)
Eraserhead (released in France as The Labyrinth Man) is a 1977 surrealist-horror film written and directed by David Lynch. Eraserhead initially polarized and baffled many critics and movie-goers, but over time the film has become a cult classic.

In 2004, the film was deemed "culturally significant" by the United States Library of Congress and selected for preservation in the National Film Registry. Lynch has described his film as a "dream of dark and troubling things."

Eraserhead is considered a difficult film to understand and is open to various interpretations. The story does not have a strictly linear plot, it is punctuated with fantasy/dream sequences of differing lengths, and the boundary between these sequences and the primary narrative strand is often blurred. Many have interpreted it as a visual-sound experience rather than a narrative or story, a film that is more about conveying a very specific and powerful mood and atmosphere. Lynch has said he has yet to read an interpretation of the film that is the same as his own.
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