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By unplugged
Assalam alaikum wr wb

some information (german only, english will be added soon inshaAllah) about a mineral called zeolite which has healing properties:

Kurzinfo über Zeolith ... der-natur/

Zeolith-Grundbaustein allen Lebens ... lebens.pdf

Studien zum Einsatz von Zeolith zur Entlastung der Entgiftungsorgane... ... hneRef.pdf

Wissenschaftliche Stellungnahme zu unwissenschaftlichen Internetinformationen über Zeolithwirkungen bei Menschen: ... eolith.pdf

Zeolith in Dermatologie und Kosmetik ... smetik.pdf
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By unplugged
yes will post english equivalents inshaAllah
or maybe I should have posted that in the other languages/german section, could you move it please?

problem is that there is not so much detailed information about it in english

here are some links I have come across so far:

basically it is a mineral element that draws harmful negative matter inside the body like heavy metals (entering the body through various ways, one of the most common is dental fillings), germs,... and eliminates it as waste, which if not eliminated prevents nutritional elements from entering the parts of the body and would thus be wasted away
and wasted nutrition on the long run or if one gets sick can cause an increase in illnesses and inflammations in the body
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#61416 ... rticle-NDS

Effective treatment of chronic illness resulting from the long-term buildup of heavy
metals in the body, such as chelation therapy, presents numerous clinical challenges, including
undesirable side effects and unpredictable efficacy. Use of a naturally occurring zeolite, clinoptilolite,
to remove these toxic substances may offer an efficacious and safe alternative to the
traditional approaches. This study was designed to evaluate the ability of activated clinoptilolite
suspended in water (ACS) to remove heavy metals from the body through urinary excretion
without the undesirable removal of physiologically important electrolytes. The protocol utilized
two treatment groups, each consisting of eleven healthy men aged 36 to 70 years. Volunteers
were given a commercially available version of the study substance for seven days (Group 1)
and 30 days (Group 2) and urine samples were collected at specified time points in the study.
Changes in urinary concentration of the heavy metals were measured by inductively coupled
plasma mass spectrometry and compared to the baseline. Also, serum samples were obtained
from five individuals in each group and serum electrolytes were measured prior to and after
taking the product. Participants in both groups had increased concentrations of heavy metals
in the urine with the peak excretion at around day 4. No clinically significant alterations in
serum electrolyte levels were seen at either seven or 30 days on ACS. In conclusion, this study
demonstrates that the daily use of an activated clinoptilolite suspension represents a potentially
safe and effective way to remove toxic heavy metals from the body through increased urinary
excretion without removing clinically detrimental amounts of vital electrolytes.
Keywords: zeolite, clinoptilolite, heavy metals, toxins, atomic absorption spectroscopy
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By unplugged
one of my friends told me and she is from the turkey, kurdish region, that in former times in her village the people used to heal with eating a specific type of "sand/soil" which eliminates all "evil" matters within the body, especially when someone had any serious sufferings and the doctors had no clue what do to, so this is not something newly invented or discovered, it's part of the old knowledge that has been lost and rediscovered
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By ansar313
Zeolite Clinoptilolite is a non toxic deeply detoxifying, alkalizing earth clay that is to be taken internally and externally. Internally to help support ridding the body of toxins such as heavy metals (radiation, mercury, etc.), ammonia, and other harmful environmental chemicals that build up in our body. Zeolite holds a negative charge and will bond with toxins for safe and effective removal. Now because volcanic ash is magnetic, it serves as a non toxic magnet to attract heavy metals and with therapeutical use will eliminate unwanted metals.

Scientists tend to find this rich clay closeby volcanic eruptions. Volcanic sites provide the deep earth soil that we would not generally get anywhere else. Soil is extremely important and is rich in magnesium potassium and calcium (naturally occurring minerals in our soil). Similar to why Spring water is much healthier than most filtered water due to its rich mineral content.

Internal use of zeolite clay is recommended therapeutically due to the hazardous and toxic world we live in. I take one table spoon of zeolite clay every morning on an empty stomach, its recommended to not allow any metal to come into contact with the clay during mixture of water.

I use this clay along with Calcium Bentonite or Sodium Bentonite Clay, one being rich in natural calcium. And the other providing the body proper Sodium nutrition. These clays absorb heavy metals and toxins and replace it with either Sodium or Calcium.

I also take chelated baths using these clays in warm ( not hot ) water and it keeps the skin healthy and free of any pathogens and viruses. it also extracts heavy metals through the skin. This is an awesome practice, and this is coming from first hand experience.

With much trial and error i came to realize that buying small portions of this product on amazon and other sites (such as 1-10 lbs) is a waste of money, and doesn't contain the richness it is suppose to have. Im assuming its because people like to buy in bulk from the source and mix some other healthy nutrients and package it in smaller quantities to sell for more money. If anyone would like the company i use to order in bulk message me its an awesome investment and 60lbs will only cost around $100-$150

Nevertheless many scientists and researches not associated with pharmaceutical companies have achieved a successful decrease in autism symptoms in those who therapeutically were tested and given chelated clay baths (along with most neurological disorders). A big study by scientists all over the world came to realize that sitting on most neurons are microscopic traces of mercury. This resulted in neurological disorders. Now my assumption is that the clay serves to detox mercury. Therefore leading to decrease in autism like symptoms.

One good questions is where does the body accumulate all this mercury?

another good one is how can an autistic child receive high levels of mercury which leads to neurological disorders? Many claim its the mercury in most vaccines and flu shots in certain countries

With all this research i came to realize that Allah swt provides on earth everything we need to maintain, cure, and better our bodies. Man made products and medicine does not come close to what Allah swt provides to us. Im extremely blessed to have come to this realizations and am given the opportunity to share what i know especially to the Ansar's. If any one has further questions, i am at your service.

My Salaams
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By ansar313
unplugged wrote:one of my friends told me and she is from the turkey, kurdish region, that in former times in her village the people used to heal with eating a specific type of "sand/soil" which eliminates all "evil" matters within the body, especially when someone had any serious sufferings and the doctors had no clue what do to, so this is not something newly invented or discovered, it's part of the old knowledge that has been lost and rediscovered

Salamulaqum Brother,

Im not too familiar with how to use this beautiful website, for some reason I'm not able to reply to your message. Inshallah i will be more active here and become more familiar on how to reply more efficiently.

The company i use for zeolite, calcium bentonite, and sodium benotinite is they have a section for bulk products

If they do not ship to you, i can ship it to you personally Inshallah. Although there is easy access to these clays, not too many people implement these practices here, as far as health the majority of people here in the states rely on the medicinal route, rather the natural route Allah swt provided us with here on earth. I am glad to know that fellow Ansars are interested in this, and i will do what i can that Allah swt provides me with in order for you to be able to receive these clays. Opening a store in Egypt would be an amazing idea, whatever help you need from me here in the states to accomplish your task i will provide Inshallah.

Spirillina and Chlorella are an amazing seaweed protein which also attracts mercury and detoxes it out. Along with many more health benefits i find seaweed protein to be the best protein for protein shakes. Reason being most Whey protein here in the states all contain Aspartame or Sucralose which is toxic to our body. They use this as artificial sweeteners which is extremely bad, we are better off using real cane sugar rather artificial toxic sugar. This is in most chewing gums, milk, soda, cereal, sugar packs, and protein powders. Little consumption isn't going to kill us, however overtime these toxins build up and create illnesses and diseases. I buy my spirillina and chlorella protein from a website called, they are located in the states and i know them personally, their products are amazing and vibrational. I take 2 tablespoons of their "Vitamineral Green" product and 2 tablespoons of their "protein alchemy". If you would like any products here in the states which are not available to you, i can ship these products for you Inshallah. Just let me know.

This is a list of organic natural vitamins/products i use daily:

1oz Colloidal Gold at 30 parts per million (really good for mental focus, blood pressure, cholesteral, and your cell messenger cells react much quicker in the precense of gold)
1oz Colloidal Silver at 30 parts per million (Natural Antibiotic, provides energy, puts body in a fight mode, i use this as a pre workout, no virus or pathogen can live in the prescence of silver if taken therapeutically)
1oz Colloidal Copper at 15 parts per million (Good for joints, bones, and many more health benefits)

As we know these metals are found in our soil and are to be mined, nevertheless our fruits and vegetables are suppose to contain trace amounts of these metals, however because of the pasteurization law in the united states, we are not receiving the metals Allah swt provided us in our fruits and vegetables. This is why most people in the states are nutriently defeciant. Not only in these metals, but also in Magnesium, Calcium, and Potassium. I also learned that most sicknesses and diseases are caused by a nutrient deficiency. So i came to a conclusion that i need to find these nutrients and supplement myself with them for vitality and overall health.

1500mg Magnesium Citrate (promotes healthy bones and flushes out toxins, i like to take this before i sleep)
500mg Pottasium
4000mg L-Lysine amino acid ( look up the health benefits of this amino acid, really good for skin and tissue repair, especially any breakouts)
2oz Chlorophyll this is the blood of the plants and is required during photosynthesis. (this will build cellular energy ATP, i take this before i sleep and wake up with amazing strength and energy)

I also use the clays internally and externally, externally by means of chelated baths to remove toxic metals that our environment contributes to the body daily. i also take Magensium Chloride flakes bath by means of supplementation.

I also make my own soap with magnesium chloride, coconut oil, almond oil, vitamin e, castor oil, gold, silver, and grapefruit scent. I find that anything put on the skin is served as food. Therefore i like to make nutritional soap. If you are interested in this as well, i can make you and any fellow ansars some.

Yes my wife does work with Autistic Children and provides them therapy, she also finds that in most of their blood tests to be a high trace amount of heavy toxic metals such as mercury in the blood. And it always puzzled her to how such a young child can receive high dosages of this toxic metal. The doctors you mentioned i forwarded it to her Inshallah she will take the time to look into/implement the practices.

I also find useful this doctors study, she also has phenomenal speeches at universities on youtube.

Inshallah this post is found helpful, and message/reply to me for any questions

I pray that we are healthy, patient, and steadfast in these holy times

My Salaams
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By unplugged
wa alaikum salam wr wb

thank you so much for all the links to stores and further information and interesting speeches, will check it out inshaAllah and let you know in case I need anything, thanks again!

Kerri Rivera and Andreas Kalcker are also working with these supplements plus chlorine dioxide, inshaAllah I’ll post some further links to their sites and speeches connected to healing autism.

One good questions is where does the body accumulate all this mercury?

another good one is how can an autistic child receive high levels of mercury which leads to neurological disorders? Many claim its the mercury in most vaccines and flu shots in certain countries

yes good questions,
vaccines, flu shots, dental fillings .... all these are responsible for or (in some cases) maybe actually add to already existing (and maybe by the person not yet known) disorders, which show up at a later point of time, moreover, today a new born baby gets several vaccinations within the first few weeks, at least in western societies. That's just not natural!
But I think that in some cases a baby gets already affected or in worst cases "intoxicated" in the womb by the condition of the mother and what she got in her body, as the mother is the prime source of nutrition for the baby during 9 months.

That’s at least what Andreas Kalcker says in one of his speeches about the transmission of parasites, worms from mother to unborn child in the womb. Basically he and Kerry Rivera argue that the main or most common cause of autism are worms inside the body which prevent correct neuronal transmission, Andreas Kalcker has some pictures posted on his website of what they got out of the body and these parasites can even grow into the length of several meters! And maybe the toxic metals are a waste product of these worms inside the body...
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