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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I came across Chlorella as a source of seaweed protein few years ago and am amazed at its effects on the body, so i decided to share some useful information in hope to benefit fellow Ansar's, i hope you guys find this useful:


Chlorella is a green algae that is very well known for its powerful detoxifying power for the body. It is exceptionally rich in chlorophyll, but also in vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Its therapeutic virtues have not ceased to be talked about, particularly because anti-tumor properties in the mouse and immunostimulant in humans have been scientifically shown. Its range of action is very broad and it combines very well with other very nutritious algae such as Spirulina.
Chlorella: Medicinal properties

Anti-disease – Anti-cancer – Detoxification

- detoxifies the body (pollutants, heavy metals…) (synergy with Spirulina)
- purifies breath, body odors - powerful healing powers - helps the healing of wounds - antioxidant, anti-aging (synergy with Goji Berry)
- helps to prevent cancer (studies confirmed on the mouse) synergy with Turmeric)
- tonic effect, stimulates and protects the immune system - protects from disease and infections (pharyngitis, flu, colds, laryngitis, gingivitis…) - helps to fight against anemia (synergy with Spirulina)
- purifies the blood (synergy with Turmeric)
- purifies bodily tissues - protects from radioactivity, ionizing radiation - oxygenation of the body (synergy with Spirulina)
- relieves inflammatory pain (arthritis, osteoarthritis) - liver disease, protection (synergy with Turmeric)

Digestion – Diet – Blood

digestion- obesity, big help for slimming diets (+++) (synergy with Spirulina)
- appetite moderation - prevention of deficiencies while dieting (synergy with Spirulina)
- constipation - restores acid-base homeostasis - regulation of digestive and liver functions - regulates the level of bad cholesterol in the blood (synergy with Turmeric)
- demineralisation, osteoporosis- diabetes (synergy with Ginseng)
- reduces high blood pressure

Fatigue – Depression – Anxiety

stress - combats depression(synergy with Ginseng and Rhodiola)
- restores energy for overcoming obstacles in life - energy, vitality, form (- unexplained chronic fatigue - reduces stress - reduces anxiety

Chlorella: Origins

Chlorella is a freshwater green alga. It can be classified as exceptional in that it contains a very high concentration of chlorophyll, which is extremely rare. Chlorella has been the subject of numerous search across the world, and was discovered when states sought a way of fighting malnutrition in the world or to combat the potential problem of future overpopulation, but the cost of its production has revealed itself to be too high. Several studies were conducted in the 1950s in the US to determine if Chlorella could meet the nutritional needs of a very large population. However, the studies were stopped when the American government realised that the cost of its production was too high. Chlorella is considered a nutrient of national interest in Japan.

Chlorella: Composition

Chlorella is extremely rich in nutrients. It contains proteins (58% of its weight), which is 40 times more than wheat, 18 amino acids, vitamins A, B, C, E. (It contains 10 times more vitamin A than cow liver). Chlorella is rich in essential fatty acids including Omega 3, it contains a large number of minerals: iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, sulphur, manganese. What’s more, Chlorella is exceptionally rich in chlorophyll (4 times more than Spirulina which is itself very rich in chlorophyll), Chlorophyll plaus a major role in detoxifying and oxygenating the body. Chlorophyll is also an excellent source of organic magnesium. It is finally constituted from CGF which plays the role of promoting cellular reproduction (healthy cells). Chlorella is thus an exceptional dietary supplement.

Chlorella: Dosage

Care should be taken not to exceed the recommended dosage, for Chlorella has a tendency to chelate heavy metals and toxins, which can lead to numerous side-effects. For a comparative reference, it’s as if shaking a bottle of Coke and suddenly opening the lid. It is ths better to start with weak doses and to increase them very gradually. It is generally recommended to take 1-5g of Chlorella per day, 5g being a rather strong dose. Chlorella should be taken before meals, with a large glass of water or fruit juice.

Chlorella: Ultimate effects, benefits, virtues

Chlorella is particularly recommended for its purification of the body from all toxins, for detoxifying the organs and for reinforcing the immune system. Chlorella will chelate all drugs, toxins and heavy metals in the blood, body and organs. Its powerful effect is multiplied when it is combined with Spirulina, whose benefits complement Chlorella very well.

Chlorella: Side-effects, contraindications

Chlorella is safe to take, however it can lead to increased bowel movements and diarrhea. It is thus recommended to reduce dosage, then increase very gradually. On the other hand, if bowel movements are less frequent, dosage can be increased. The consumption of Chlorella is recommended for pregnant and nursing women (within the recommended dosage); Chlorella, along with Spirulina, is an excellent, nutritious alga during pregnancy. Other possible but rarer effects include headache, vertigo, shaking, pimples… All these effects are due to the fact that Chlorella detoxifies the body, which is contaminated in one way or another (pollutants, toxins, heavy metals…) Finally, avoid Chlorella if you are taking anticoagulants.

Chlorella: Opinions of experts

Although Chlorella is extremely rich in nutrients, experts remain divided and many criticise the perceived benefits of Chlorella. However, the plant has already been the subject of more than 500 scientific studies (largely originating in Japan, but also in European countries and Canada) which have clearly demonstrated the benefits of Chlorella in numerous ways (ulcers, tumors, healing, protection from disease…) It seems that states and industry are not favorably disposed towards Chlorella because it does not present a major economic stake for Western businesses.

Chlorella: More Information

Care should be taken to verify the place of production of Chlorella because, given that it stores the heavy metals and pollutants, it can easily be contaminated by them during its production. Chlorella cleans the planet just as it cleans our body, so it is necessary to have studies in labartories to verify that it is not contaminated. Consult your provider for information.

Chlorella: Combination with other plants

Chlorella combines very well with Spirulina (detox, purification, energy, diet, immunity) as a course of treatment, in rotation: 3 weeks Chlorella – 1 week rest – 3 weeks Spirulina. Or Spirulina+Chlorella together during 2-3 months with a break every 3 weeks. This treatment helps among others to detoxify the body, reenergize, reinforce the immune system and protect vital organs. Chlorella can also be combined with Ginseng (nervous fatigue, chronic fatigue, cholesterol, diabetes, libido), Rhodiola (cell oxygenation, endurance, nervous balance, stress), Maca (very rich plant, sport, libido), Burdock, Milk Thistle, as well as Turmeric (detox, help to prevent cancer, blood purification, cholesterol…) and finally Acerola or Goji Berry (very rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, anti-aging, protection from disease).

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