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There have been a lot of scandals throughout our lifetime, but none more shocking, disturbing, and horrifying, as the PizzaGate scandal. In this new documentary series by the Black Banners of the East Satellite channel, you are going to be introduced to a very dark and frightening underworld; one which you will find some of the most powerful people in the world doing the most unspeakable things to countless little children.
Some big-name officials are going to be exposed here --- some very difficult realities we have to face, and we warn you before starting this series; the content is very difficult to handle.

Now that you have been introduced to the evil underground world of Pedophilia and child-sex trafficking, and you have a better understanding of what PizzaGate truly is, we now begin investigating those involved to see just how high up the ladder this ring truly goes, What you will find is a horrible truth and reality that has been hidden from us for many years, often times in plain sight. Going forward in this series is difficult, it's hard to bear the realities of what is taking place beneath us, above us, and all around us... the content is unbearable at times and those that will be exposed in this part of the series and the parts to come, are more than shocking. Viewer Discretion is strongly advised.

In this third part of the PizzaGate Documentary series, we move away from the initial focuses of the PizzaGate Scandal and realize how it is truly an international child trafficking ring, ran by some of the highest members of modern day government, royal, religious, and military institutions. We also see how this is not new - and has been taking place right in front of our very eyes, and is also perpetrated by Hollywood, and more frightening, the Child Protective Services and other Federal and International NGO's and governmental organizations. It begs the horrifying question, "What happens when those who report and investigate the crimes, become the criminals?" You don't want to miss this episode, there are some big-name people about to be exposed... and tune in for the fourth and final episode coming soon --- which will lead us on one of the most real and darkest journeys in uncovering this evil international trafficking ring; whose behind it... and what they are doing to these little children and why. This is some of the most important information in our time, in over the last hundreds of years, and this needs to become more known in the public today.

In this final episode of the documentary series on PizzaGate, produced by the Black Banners of the East — we will expose the world of satanic child sacrifice; who are some of the big ones involved, where they are committing these acts, how they are trafficking these children, what they are doing to them… and most importantly - why they are carrying out these horrific acts on children.
We reached out to Kevin Annett for an exclusive one hour interview. Annett is a field secretary for the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, and an expert in the field of satanic child sacrifice, the international trafficking ring, the Vatican, and the Jesuit created “Ninth Circle Society”.
You will see a strong link between the previous episodes. Kevin not only confirms much of what we have talked about so far in the series, but he elaborates and gives us the why.
We are on the search for the who… so pay close attention to former CIA agent Kevin Shipp, and Former FBI director Ted Gunderson in the opening Chapter, and extra close attention in the last chapter - with research into the dark web by expert in the field of AI/Block-chain - - Quinn Michaels.
Putting these pieces of the puzzle together, after all that we have covered in the first three episodes - we start seeing the origin of this evil/global satanic cult; why they are doing this to the children, and who is helping operate this system today.

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