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Known by many titles from across the world the ego, the self or the inner satan is our alternate truth. It is the product of our deeds. We make it good or we make it evil. This episode of the series Human will guide you through the depth of yourself, helping you discover who you are and who you are not.

Look at the world around you. It is all you know and it is the only thing you are told is real. But did you ever have a dream that felt so real, that it affected you even after you woke up? Did you never feel pain, grief, happiness within just a dream, that is nothing but a projection of your mind?
How do you know that you are not dreaming right now? What if what you think to be reality is not actually real? What if the world around you is nothing but a dream, an illusion that is keeping you chained in a low state of existence? This Episode of Human is exposing the delusional world that all of us are trapped in. Be prepared to be taken to realms that you have never been in before.

What if in our sleep we are able to perceive different forms of existence, which we can not see during our usual state of wakefulness? Our forefathers knew that dreams were not merely mental projections or mind clatter, but a doorway to explore other worlds. They developed science and devised practices and techniques, all with the purpose to answer the questions: What exactly happens during sleep? Where do we go with our consciousness? This episode of "Humans" explores the mystery of dreams and reveals some of the dreamworlds hidden secrets.

In August " 2004 " the US Air Force Research Laboratory published an official report titled simply “Teleportation Physics Study”. It contains accounts of dozens of scientifically credible experiments and studies researching teleportation and other telekinetic abilities, It concluded that Telekinesis and Teleportation are real. Now how can we reach these abilities that we used to think are superhuman?

The quest for immortality has long been an obsession for man. Haunted by the relentless approach of old age and death, he has scoured the Earth in search of the Fountain of Youth. Man created Alchemy and Science, in an attempt to discover the secrets of life and to escape the Angel of Death.
Few have ventured out into the unknown, and even fewer have returned to tell the tale.

Every day is Ashura, and every land is Karbala
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