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By apakiguy
Assalamulaikum my brothers and sisters.

I had a question regarding promises and ones made in prayer to Allah Subhana Wata'ala.

What can be done if promises with Allah cannot be kept, promises made spiritually in prayer, regardless of what the promise may be?
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By Djabriil
Salam 3aleykum

If you have a way to communicate with her (letter, direct talk or something) make all of these clear once for all. Tell her you made this promise to God but as there is no compulsion in religion you could only fulfill this promise when she would be ready for it. So that she knows and will make the step towards you when she feels the need to do so. Until then you live your life, The God knows what is in the hearts.

I hope you feel relieved now

Fi Aman Allah

your brother, Djabriil
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By Mahdi_bia
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By Mahdi_bia
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Wa'alekum Assalam brother

Oh man. Must be a rough situation.

Insha'Allah PMing you
Djabriil wrote:mashaAllah Aunslaught is not our friend he is our brother. you are a blessed family al hamdulillah

MashAllah brother you are indeed my brother Alhamdulillah :)
Stay blessed Insha'Allah
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By m-ali1988
Salaam Alaikum brother,

The most beneficial route to go about this situation is to ask Allah (swt) directly, do ablution, read a two rakkat prayer sincerely with focus, and make a sincere supplication for guidance, and then open the Quran randomly and turn seven pages to the right, and then on the right-hand page, look seven lines down, and read the verse.

InshaAllah you will be given the right Guidance from the Knowing, The Aware (swt), as Allah (swt) never misguides those who seek true Guidance.

Fi Amanillah.

Djabriil wrote:sorry I should have said Aunslaught is not ONLY our friend, he is also our brother. forgive me

stay blessed inshaAllah

i am touched, bro.
may Allah BLESS you and your beloved ones Insha'Allah :)
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